Spy Bahu 30th September 2022 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Sejal gets felicitated for her bravery

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The Episode starts with SK and Inspector are about to leave, when the bomb blasts which is planted on the door of the court room. Ahana says nobody shall try to elope from here, as bombs are kept everywhere. She asks Judge to say order order. She says I knew that Sejal will not let Yohan lose this case and that’s why I kept bomb in and around the court room. Yohan tells Sejal that these bombs are sample bombs which are not approved yet. SK asks about its mechanism. Yohan says it gets activated with people’s movement. Sejal says that means this case is to divert us so that we don’t track their movements. Ahana says ofcourse Sejal. She says we had planned this before Ganesh puja. She asks Shalini what she thought that she was scared of her, and says no, she has understood her drama with her ouch and that’s why went to work on her plan so that veera Nanda can go out of country. SK finds his phone jammed. Ahana says jammers are on and says everyone will die here, happy death day. Sejal says we have to call help, how we will go out. Yohan says I will go from here, as many lives are in danger and we have to stop Veera. Sejal says no. SK asks why he wants to go. Yohan says he knows the mechanism and says if you can leave within 5 seconds before the other bomb activates then you can stop it. Sejal tells yohan that she will not let him go. Yohan says I love you Sejal. Sejal says I love you too. Yohan asks her to take care of his child and is running towards the door, when SK pushed Yohan inside and he runs near the door, and the bomb blasts. Sejal jumps to reach SK and holds him. SK tells that all soldiers are not in uniform, someone is in saree, someone is in specs, etc. He recalls making little Sejal wear the chain. He recalls training her for the mission. He says I am proud of you. Sejal cries and says we will reach hospital. SK says go and stop Veera Nanda, she is leaving the country with the weapons, stop her. He reminds her of his words. Sejal says be fearless, cover the distance. He dies. She says I will not let your sacrifice go waste. She says Sir ji will be punished, I will get her punished for her crimes.

She tells Yohan that she will send bomb squad fast and asks him not to worry. Yohan asks how you will fight alone. Sejal takes SK’s gun and says she will not leave Veera Nanda, even if she has to search sky and earth. Veera and Arbaaz have stolen all the weapons, papers and sensitive information. Veera says she will also go out of country with these things and says helipad is waiting. Arbaaz says ji Sir ji. Sejal calls Harsh. Harsh asks her not to take any step until he comes. She asks him to send bomb squad fast to court.

Veera and Arbaaz sit in the car. Sejal sits in her car and prays to Goddess. Veera’s car stops due to Ganesh procession. Veera gets angry and asks Arbaaz to kill them or do anything, just move them from their way. Arbaaz gets down and asks the people to move from their way. The people are still dancing. Arbaaz asks his goons to fire in air. Sejal shoots in air and keeps gun at Veera’s head. She asks the goons to move backwards and asks the people to run away from there. Veera signs Sejal. Arbaaz hits Sejal on her head. She says Sejal is my passport, bring her. Harsh worries for Sejal. Sejal gains consciousness and prays to Goddess to protect her and her hichki. Suddenly a heavy wind comes. Veera and Arbaaz rub their eyes. Sejal gets up and snatches gun from Arbaaz and pushes him. She then keeps holy cloth on Veera’s neck and reminds her of Aarti’s murder. She says it is not her work to punish her, but it is law’s rights. Harsh comes there and shoots at Arbaaz’s hand to stop him from attacking Sejal. Sejal turns holding Veera and sees Harsh. Harsh says he has sent bomb squad and everyone is saved now. Sejal tells him that SK is not with us due to Veera, and says they have to reach the court room as soon as possible. Veera tries to snatch gun from Sejal. She gets it and falls down, she aims gun at Sejal, when Goddess Trishul falls down on Veera’s stomach and she gets stabbed with it. Veera recalls all her crimes, before her death. Harsh and Sejal are shocked.

Sejal, Yohan and all Nandas attend the bravery felicitation function. The host asks Sejal to come on the stage and accept the award for her bravery, and for saving the nation from Veera Nanda and for getting Arbaaz and Ahana arrested. Minister gives medal and certificate to Sejal. Sejal says I couldn’t walk 3 steps without falling down and couldn’t see without specs, and used to burn khakra always. She says SK sir showed trust on me and gave me a chance to make my ordinary life special. She says I would have lost if this world’s best husband Yohan was not with me. She thanks Yohan. Everyone claps for her. Sejal comes down the stage and hugs Yohan. Krish gives her hi five. Drishti hugs her. Shalini says you are still middle class, but I like you. Sejal thanks and hugs her. Sejal takes Arun’s blessings. Just then she feels labor pain. yohan asks Krish to bring the car.

In the hospital, Yohan is holding his daughter, while Sejal gets emotional looking at them. Kehdo na plays….Yohan says I had said that hichki will be born. Sejal says I had said. Yohan says she is like me. Sejal says a bit. Yohan says I am thinking to make her spy as us. Sejal says Papa is joking. Yohan tells that Tana ji saw my previous record and gave me proposal of getting training to be a spy. Sejal asks really? Yohan says our next mission might be together. Sejal is happy and asks where is our next mission? Yohan shows some address on the postcard. Sejal says hichki we will tell Tana ji Sir that they are reporting. Yohan and Sejal hug hichki.

The Show ended on a happy note, with Veera’s death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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