Swaran Ghar 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran gets Swaran Ghar back

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The Episode starts with Ajit asking Swaran to listen. He asks what are you doing, children are useless, will you give up to them. She says I want my Swaran ghar back at any cost. He says we will do something. She asks what will we do, do you have so much money, I don’t have it. He says I will sell my dhaba. She asks did you go mad, what will you do then. He says I won’t let you do this, I will kill Roshan first. She says stop, you won’t do this, just do what I tell you.

Swaran meets Rajeshwari. She says you want to buy me for your brother, instead Swaran ghar. Rajeshwari says its my love for my brother, unfortunately he loves you. Swaran says Roshan cheats people and takes an advantage of helpless people, like you are doing now. Rajeshwari says your sons are taking an advantage, everything starts and ends on money, so come to the point, you want to save your sons and house, I want to save my brother, we both are standing at the same place. Swaran says no, you can buy anything with money, and I m standing here to sell myself for my fourth son, for my house.

Bebe comes and throws her slipper at Roshan. She scolds him. He asks her to get back. Ajit comes and stops him. He pushes the guards back. The people come and scold Roshan for cheating them. They all beat Roshan. Bebe says I m Swaran’s Saas, Ajit is my would be Jamai, you are caught now. Ajit says your name will get changed today. Rajeshwari says you have no time to think, Goldie knows that you and Ajit love each other, you have to convince Goldie to marry you.

The people come and ask what about our loan, will you forgive that also, what thing would you demand like you are demanding Swaran to marry your brother. Rajeshwari asks who are you all. Swaran says even they are the victims of Roshan’s cheat, you help them too. Ajit comes there. He sees Swaran and recalls. Bebe says we will talk to Goldie. Swaran says no, if he knows about his sister dealing him, he will feel bad, just Rajeshwari can return the house, we have to convince her, Roshan would have cheated many people, if we get Roshan’s truth out and get him punished then it will be right. FB ends.

Swaran says I know you love your brother a lot, how can I become his happiness when he isn’t my happiness, he knows me well and made me speak my feelings as a friend, Goldie is really good, but he is my friend, he will always be my friend, I can’t become anything else for you. Arjun comes and says Swaran is saying right, love isn’t everything in life, friendship also matters, snatching something or finding something, its different, Lord gave me this friendship, I m happy, its okay Di. Rajeshwari gets quiet. Ajit asks the people to go. Swaran asks Nakul and Vikram to wait outside. They also go. Arjun says whatever my Di did, I m worry. Swaran says no, don’t say this. He says I want to talk to them in private. Rajeshwari goes. Arjun gives the papers of Swaran Ghar. He says you don’t need to give money and happiness to anyone, Swaran ghar will always be yours, so Kanwal had named this Swaran ghar, I made the new papers on your name. Swaran and Ajit happily cry.

Ajit says it’s a result of your good deeds. Arjun says Roshan accepted his crime. She asks about others. Arjun says I talked to police, the people’s loans will be forgiven too, you worry for others, so Lord has made Ajit to worry for you, I will go now, actually I m going to London for work. Ajit asks why, everything is getting fine. Arjun says yes, we will meet again, stay happy, fight a lot, remember Tanha’s words, life partner is just one, everyone else is just a traveller. Ajit comes to the dhaba. He sees Nakul. He says Roshan had cheated many people, so Swaran wanted to teach a lesson to Roshan and Rajeshwari. Nakul says she told you, not us, she trusted you, how can she trust us. Ajit says yes, you broke her trust, you were dealing her for your benefits, you wanted her to marry Goldie, don’t have any shame. Nakul says if mum agreed then. Ajit asks what. Nakul says if she agreed to marry Swaran, then what would you do. Bebe says but she didn’t agree, you are regretting that you didn’t become children of a crorepati father, your fate didn’t support you. She gives 24 hours to Vikram and Kiran, and asks them to leave. She says you won’t stay in Swaran ghar now. Kiran says its our house. Bebe says its Swaran’s house, understood.

Nakul says if Rajeshwari stayed stubborn, then… we made a mistake, if mum had to do this marriage forcefully, then what would you do. Ajit says I would have done the same thing that I did 30 years back, she chose Kanwal, not me, we were young that time, I respected her decision, this is love, it teaches you to stay happy in that person’s happiness, I value Swaran and my feelings for her. Nakul says you mean you would accept her any decision. Ajit says yes.

Nakul says I heard you were going to sell your dhaba to save us. Ajit says for Swaran’s sake, I can sell this dhaba and also my breath for her. Nakul says you are a very good person, you have done a lot for mum, I have seen many heroes in films, but I m seeing one in real now, you are a hero. Ajit says you are Swaran’s fav, don’t hurt her now, become her hero and show her. Nakul recalls Kanwal’s words and nods.

The episode ends

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