Swaran Ghar 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Bebe insists Ajit to marry Swaran

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The Episode starts with Bebe asking Ajit to take her to Gurudwara. Ajit and Bebe leave on his scooter. Swaran looks on. Nakul says we will go. She says no, come with me. She asks him to apologize to the ladies. Nakul and Swaran apologize. Swaran asks the ladies to apply haldi lep to their face, wash their faces with cold water. Arjun calls Ajit to tell about Swaran. He says he isn’t answering, I will call Swaran ji. He calls Swaran. He says even she isn’t answering, maybe there is some problem, I will go and see. Rajeshwari comes and asks him to choose a designer ring for Swaran. Swaran and everyone come home. Aarav says you saved dad. Shorvori says yes, Swaran and Ajit did this. He says he is a powerman.

Shorvori asks what will you do now. Swaran says I will treat their allergy first, and find Vikram, he can’t run away by making mistakes, its my duty to give them the right lessons. Shorvori says don’t worry, Ajit is also there, why did he leave so soon. Swaran says he had to go to Gurudwara with Bebe. Ajit asks Bebe where is the Gurudwara. She gets him to a jewellers’ store. She says I have to go here and buy a ring. He asks what. Arjun says Swaran won’t wear this, she likes simple things. Ajit asks what do you mean, you want a ring for Swaran, forgive me, Swaran will not leave me, I have fever, I have to go home and rest. Bebe says nothing happened to you, new problems keep coming in her life, there is no one to help her, I call it your friendship or love, it’s a shield for her, if anything happens to me, what will happen to Swaran. He says stop saying this. She says I don’t want anyone to point a finger on your friendship, Swaran doesn’t understand this, your friendship will ruin your respect, its better that you live a life of respect by giving this relation a name of husband and wife, you marry Swaran, don’t do much drama, else I will force you to marry Swaran. He says I agree if Swaran agrees. She says she will agree, buy a ring till then, come with me.

Arjun sees a ring for Swaran. Bebe asks for some new designs. She asks Ajit to select a ring. She says it will be tough to convince Swaran. Rajeshwari says its nice, A and S, Arjun and Swaran, its beautiful. Ajit also selects a ring. Bebe says its written A and S, Ajit and Swaran, it means this ring is made for you.

They come to the dhaba. Bebe feeds him jalebis. He also feeds her. He says Swaran doesn’t know it, she won’t agree, I know, she is stubborn. She says she will agree, what do you want, she should agree at once, no, a woman keeps many roles in her life, Swaran forgot that she is a woman also, we have to remind her that she has a right to live her life, she is scared of her children and society, you have to make her trust that age isn’t related to love, you are still waiting for her. Shorvori asks where are Kiran and Nakul, they should also learn to make cream. Neelu says they are sleeping, Swaran is doing work in this age. Swaran says I m still young. Neelu says sorry. Shorvori asks where is Ajit. Bebe says get ready to face the children, they forget that their parents need a support. Jai says I will support Jai, but I don’t know about Divi. She says its tough, I know, I will talk to Nakul, he understands Swaran, Vikram is totally selfish. Ajit says its not easy to talk of marriage in this age. Bebe asks him to keep trying and leave everything on Lord. Divi asks her inlaws to have snacks. Jai says Ajit is sleeping, sorry, doctor gave him strong medicines, when he wakes up in the evening, I will tell him that you have come. Divi’s inlaws are leaving. Ajit comes home. The lady asks Jai about Ajit. Ajit asks did you have breakfast, when did you come. The lady says he lied to us that you are sleeping. Ajit says Jai didn’t know that I went out, listen to me. They leave. Divi gets angry and throws things. Ajit says sorry, I didn’t know your inlaws are coming. She asks where were you, you were with Swaran, right. Swaran asks Bebe where is Ajit. Bebe says I sent him back. Swaran says he isn’t well. Ankita stops Divi. Jai says you should have told me. Ajit says I had gone to save Swaran from arrest. Divi argues. She cries and leaves. Ajit worries. Jai and Ankita clear the mess. Ajit says you understand me, right. Jai says not this time, Divi’s anger is justified.

The episode ends

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