Swaran Ghar 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran gets Vikram arrested

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The Episode starts with Swaran thinking of Ajit. She says don’t do this Ajit. She looks around. Neelu comes and asks what are you thinking. Swaran says nothing. She thinks of Ajit’s health. Bebe says I went to Gurudwara, I learnt that Kiran and Vikram insulted the couple marrying there, I don’t know well, I thought you say the truth, I thought to ask you. Shorvori says I was also there, Kiran and Vikram were saying bad. Kiran says yes, its not their age. Bebe asks why shall we say anything, its their life, right Nakul. Nakul says there is an age for everything, we have to do things according to age, else it gets wrong. Bebe thinks it will be tough to convince them. I won’t lose. She applies the cream. She asks isn’t this wrong to sell faulty creams. Kiran says its not our mistake, Vikram did this, we have to obey the society rules. Nakul says yes, else people make news. Bebe says your thinking is still the same, so you had to come back to India.

She gets Ajit’s call. Ajit says I have to meet you, shall I come. She says no, I will come. A lady Meena Malik comes to radio channel office to ask about Swaran’s appointment letter copy. Mallika asks her to leave. Arjun hears this and asks Meena the matter. Meena says I want the appointment letter copy to submit in the police station, much has happened because of her son. Arjun calls Ajit and asks why didn’t you tell me about Swaran. Ajit says Swaran didn’t tell me, I got to know it and went there on time. Arjun says she should have told you. Ajit says she doesn’t want anyone to worry, she has much esteem. Arjun asks don’t you trust me. Ajit says it all happened in a rush. He tells him everything. He asks him not to worry. Arjun nods.

Bebe says I thought Nakul will understand, but he has no sensibility, Vikram is hiding somewhere. Ajit recalls Divi and Jai. He says even Jai and Divi aren’t wrong. Rajeshwari asks what. Arjun reads Tanha’s lines about love. She asks what do you want to say. He says I want to know what’s in your heart, are you happy with Swaran and my relation. She says no, I don’t know if she can keep you happy or not, seeing your smile, I accepted the relation. Mallika says Vikram wants to meet you. Bebe says your children and Swaran’s children won’t agree for this relation, what will they do when they know this. He says yes, Divi and Jai gave their decision. She says we will talk to Swaran first. He says fine, I will come with you, but I won’t come inside the house. She says you go home, I was liking your attitude in police station, don’t talk to Swaran, don’t meet her, until she agrees, I have seen many films. He says no, what are you saying. She says get away from the one who want, I have the experience. He says listen to me, I meet Swaran every day. She says you won’t meet her now, you have to lose something to gain something. He sees Arjun’s car. Bebe says I will go now, you go home. She leaves. He says I can at least see Swaran from far. Arjun comes to meet Swaran. He says sorry. She says you already told me why you are coming. He gets Vikram. Bebe comes home. Swaran says you have come. Ajit looks on from far.

Arjun says he came to my office. FB shows Arjun asking what are you doing here, your mom and police are finding you, do you realize what you did, you tried to send your mom to jail. Vikram says I didn’t do this fraud, please save me, she saved your life twice, I don’t want my mom to bear the punishment, I beg you, please save me. Arjun says fine, I have a condition, you have to apologize to her. Vikram wipes his tear and makes a face. FB ends. Vikram acts in front of Swaran and apologizes.
He says I promise, I won’t do anything wrong, Arjun said he will save me doing anything. She says I was so worried for you. He says I m sorry and hugs her. She cries. Police comes there. Vikram gets shocked. Swaran says we all heard what he said, he accepted his crime, take him away. Nakul asks what are you doing, you said you will save Vikram.

Vikram gets angry and scolds her. She says you didn’t take the responsibility, you saved yourself and ran away, leaving Kiran and Nakul here, you didn’t think of family respect and your dad’s name, the ladies got a scar on their faces, you couldn’t apologize to them, I was taking Nakul to the police station, I made him apologize, I will help you, but you tell me that you will apologize to those ladies, don’t lie now, you did wrong so you ran away, you went to Arjun and asked him to save him, because I saved his life, I can’t forgive your crime if you don’t apologize. She asks Bebe am I saying wrong. She says you can do wrong with me, but you can’t do wrong with others, don’t expect me to forgive you. She says Vikram is asking a price for my deeds, he wants you to help him, I m ashamed, but I can’t do this, Vikram should apologize to everyone. Vikram says I wish no one gets a mum like you, I m ashamed to call you my mum, if they arrest me today then I won’t keep any relations with you. Swaran asks Inspector to take him away.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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