Swaran Ghar 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran cries for Vikram

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The Episode starts with Vikram asking Swaran to think again. Swaran cries. Vikram runs to Swaran. Ajit worries. Arjun gets in between. Police takes away Vikram. Ajit thinks I can’t go else Bebe will get upset, Goldie is there to take care of Swaran. Arjun says I should have not got Vikram here. She says no, you did right, Vikram has done wrong. He says I can get him bailed out if you want, when you think he has undergone the punishment, you can tell me, please promise me, you will tell me if you need anything, you will call me. She says promise. Ajit hears them. Arjun thanks Swaran. He leaves. Ajit says she will call Arjun, not me.

Swaran cries and recalls Vikram. Bebe hugs her. Kiran says don’t know how long we have to stay here. Kiran gives water to Swaran. She acts that Aarav is sweating. Nakul says fan is already at max speed. Shorvori looks on. Swaran says Kiran is right, you all are habitual to AC, take them home. Nakul says no. Kiran says she is right, we should go, Aarav isn’t comfortable here.

Bebe says Kiran.. Swaran stops Bebe. She asks Nakul to go, they are fine. Dhillo says we had food when you didn’t come, we were hungry. Ajit says you did good. Jai says Ajit would have met Swaran. Dhillo asks Ajit to have food. Ajit says no, I m not hungry, you have food. He goes.

Arjun greets Bua. Bua says I have come to talk about the marriage. Rajeshwari says Swaran’s son is arrested. Bua says her sons might be bad. Arjun says yes, Swaran is good, I don’t know how she gets such courage, she is strong. Bua says give good jobs to her sons in your office, they can work hard and earn. Rajeshwari says they can do fraud with us. Bua says Swaran’s children will become of Goldie, take me to her house, we will fix your marriage. He says so soon, but.. She says I want to fix the alliance soon. He says so much happened with them. She says you can help her with all the right. He gets a call from office. He says I have to urgently go to office.

Swaran comes to office. Mallika says finally, you have come. Arjun comes. Swaran greets him. He asks her to come to his cabin. He asks her to sit. She says sure. He asks are you fine. She nods. Ajit thinks of Swaran. He asks did my value get less in Swaran’s life, what shall I do.

Dhillo comes. Ajit cries and says my heart is crying. Dhillo asks why. Ajit says because Swaran is also crying, she did a big work today, it was imp and tough, I can’t meet Swaran and talk to her. Arjun asks why did you come to office. Swaran says I have to run my home, if I don’t work hard, then what will I teach my children. He says I can arrange Vikram’s bail, money can be adjusted from your salary. She says no, until he realizes his mistake, I will make my heart of stone, he has to apologize to the women, I won’t get him out on bail. Dhillo asks why can’t you meet Swaran. Ajit says I promised someone. Dhillo says idea, you call her and ask why doesn’t she need you. Ajit says no. Dhillo calls Swaran’s office. Mallika answers the call. Ajit asks for Swaran. Mallika says Sir is busy with her since half an hour. Ajit says Swaran is with Goldie, she is sharing her pain with him, she doesn’t need me. Dhillo asks did you talk, give me toffee. Ajit hugs him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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