Swaran Ghar 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran confesses she loves Ajit

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The Episode starts with Swaran saying I don’t know why I m thinking so much. Arjun says it happens when we give someone a special place, we become so boring that we don’t care for ourselves also. She says its good right, heart doesn’t ache. He says either keep the heart happy or let it cry for someone. She says it means its related to my heart. He says yes, everything is related to heart. She says no, its all wrong, this shouldn’t happen, I have children, this society, what will people say. He asks which people. She says everyone. He says when the heart doesn’t stop beating, then why should you think of them, I can see your fear. She asks are you also afraid. He says yes, sometimes, but we shouldn’t keep emotions in heart. She says it means you have something in heart which you want to tell someone. He closes eyes and thinks of her.

He asks what shall I say, I m Tanha, I want to stay alone, but you listen to your heart, you don’t stay alone, you have to find out why the life has changed. Swaran recalls Ajit. She says a person’s presence wants to change my life, I don’t know how did he enter my heart, I feel incomplete when he is upset, I want him to come with him, I want his friendship, I don’t know when did this happen. He says this feeling is such, I heard when something special is going to happen then Lord gives us a hint, we have to understand it. She asks but how will I understand this hint. The flowers shower on them. He smiles. She recalls Ajit. She says it means I was running away from my feelings, truth is, my emotions have gone ahead of friendship for that person, I fell in love. Ajit comes there and looks at them. Swaran says I m in love. She cries resting her head on Arjun’s shoulder. He holds her and smiles happily. Ajit cries seeing them. He says I lost Swaran once again, she has become of someone else. Swaran says I m in love with Ajit. Arjun is shocked. He cries and turns away. Swaran says sorry. Arjun says it happens. She says no, I m really ashamed, sorry. Arjun says maybe this sign was for you and Ajit. She says sorry. He says love teaches you to become proud, I have also felt like you, its not wrong. She says its wrong to think this in my age. He says you trust Lord and his existence, right, why do you have complain with love, love will never end, its beyond age, promise me, you will tell Ajit that you love him. Swaran asks what after that. He says love is love, love will fight the world, I m with you, will you tell him. She nods. Arjun sees the ring and cries. Swaran runs on the road. Ajit walks under the rains, crying and seeing the ring. Swaran gets tired. Ajit falls down. He cries and says fate changed, Swaran has become of someone else again, everything got over. He gets angry. He hits the pillar. He sits crying. Swaran comes to the dhaba and looks for Ajit. She asks Lakhan where is Ajit. Lakhan says he isn’t here. She thinks how to talk, he is angry and stubborn. She leaves. Ajit says whatever happened was right. A tractor driver presses horn. Swaran runs on the road. Ajit says this is the only way to get rid of this pain, I will get under this tractor and di.

Arjun throws things. He says I m burning myself. Ajit says I m just Swaran’s friend. Bebe asks Swaran what did Goldie say. Swaran says he didn’t say anything, I just…

Update Credit to: Amena

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