Swaran Ghar 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajit gets beaten up

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The Episode starts with the guy asking Ajit to get aside. Ajit stands in the way. The guy beats him. Ajit asks him to beat more. The guys beat him more. Ajit recalls Swaran. Dur talak hai…plays… Swaran runs on the road. Ajit says beat me more, don’t you have strength. The guys beat him more. Arjun cries and ruins his room in anger. He recalls Swaran. The guy beats Ajit a lot. The man says leave him, he looks like some mad man, he wants to get beaten up deliberately. Swaran sees the crowd. The people leave. Swaran runs to see. She asks what happened, who is there. Ajit leaves. He comes home. Jai asks what happened to you, tell me, who fought with you. Ajit says I don’t want to talk or say anything else, I didn’t fight with anyone, I got beaten up, I deserve it. Jai asks what are you saying. Ajit says leave me alone for some time, go, my heart is burning. Ankita asks Jai what happened.

Rajeshwari asks Arjun what is he doing. He says I m burning myself, my names, my identity, everything, Swaran loves Ajit. He throws the ring. Swaran comes to Ajit’s house. Ankita says you… Swaran asks is Ajit inside, I went to dhaba, he wasn’t there. Jai says Swaran has come. Ajit says I don’t want to meet anyone, I want to be alone.

Rajeshwari asks how dare Swaran reject you, I m not shocked. Arjun says yes, you would be happy, you were not happy with this relation, love is like fate, we have to keep it safe, we can’t force someone to love. Jai says sorry aunty, dad isn’t at home. Swaran sadly leaves. Nakul apologizes to Vikram. Vikram says you don’t want to help me come out of jail. Nakul says try to understand. Vikram eats the food. He says I m here because of Swaran, I won’t let you forget this, let me come out of jail, I will ruin you. Bebe asks Swaran what did Goldie say. Swaran says I told him a lot without thinking, I mean we had office talks. Bebe asks did you say yes or no. Ajit scolds himself. He says I can’t tell her that I love her a lot. Swaran asks what do you mean. Bebe thinks Goldie didn’t tell her anything, shall I tell her.

Swaran says I went to Ajit’s dhaba and house, he didn’t meet me, I don’t find anything right. Bebe asks why are you worried, why do you want to meet him. Swaran thinks I can’t tell you what I feel for him. Ajit says I have no right to cry. Swaran says he is my friend, I wish he is fine. Bebe says I had to talk to you. Swaran asks her to say. She gets a call from office. She says I will come. She says Bebe, I have to go to office. She leaves. Bebe calls Ajit. He doesn’t answer. She worries. Vikram says now Bebe also worships mummy, who will help me. He gets an idea and laughs. Rajeshwari comes to meet Bebe. She says Swaran’s sons cheated her and got the house, then they mortgaged the house. Bebe asks mortgaged? What will happen if Swaran knows this… Rajeshwari gives her papers and says I will help you get the house back, I have a deal, you can’t refuse, Swaran has two choices, she can either marry Arjun and get her house back, or she can marry that poor dhaba man and get rotten here, decision is yours. Bebe picks the papers. Rajeshwari asks shall I take it as your yes. Bebe says this Swaran ghar was built by my son Kanwal, it’s a sign of his love, you have hurt his soul, you didn’t do right, you didn’t learn anything from elders, your Bua had come to ask for Swaran’s hand for Goldie, you don’t know how to respect others, we don’t want to have any relation with you, your Bua is a nice lady, your brother is a diamond, did Goldie’s parents adopt you. Rajeshwari asks her to shut up. Bebe says next time, have tea and go. Rajeshwari says I had bought the video game for Arjun, I don’t like Swaran, I m here because he loves Swaran, I m leaving the papers here, think and answer me when your anger calms down. Swaran is on the way. Ajit cries, sitting in his room.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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