Swaran Ghar 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Bebe ask Yug to act fast

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Swaran says to Baljeet my kids life is in danger and only you can help me, please don’t drink I’m asking you to cone with me and start crying. A man calm her down and says everything will be fine.

Chandani says to Yug you helped me from police for that I can thanks you but could not come in handy for you. Yug says you are of no use you are right and says I’ll call police. Chandani says you can’t do it.

Baljeet says leave me and he sit in car wuth them.

Yug says if you didn’t listen me then you will directly go to police station. Jai says these words are of kid and his mom is in danger. Yug says and his father is in danger and only you can help us both please say yes. Chandani says okay I’ll help you.

Vikram in hospital walks to Nakul, he sit beside him says I’m really sorry I was doing all this to get back our home. Doctor walks in says today we can’t operate him. Vikram says but tomorrow we can do it, don’t worry about money. Bebe walks in says we can pay and don’t listen to him doctor he is not our family member he is an outsider. Vikram walks out. Bebe ask Doctor can we operate tomorrow. Doctor says yes but tomorrow will be last day after that I can’t say anything about his health. Bebe pray to God for everyone.

Swaran in room remember her time with Nakul, she keep his photo and wipe her tear. She walks towards her husband photo in corridor and remember begging to Baljeet. She looks at her husband says see what’s happening with your Swaran. Baljeet says I can listen and see it too, you have so much problem that you complaining to my brother, I asked you to smile always where is you smile, today operation was not done. Swaran says tomorrow it will be done. Baljeet says doctor told me I can’t eat after 12. Swaran says it’s still some time left wait I’ll get something to eat. Baljeet cook what Nakul likes, I’m giving him my liver, I’m just kidding go and cook food.

Yug calls Bebe says I’m staying at my friend’s house don’t worry and disconnects. Jay says you will be staying here. Yug says yes because I have explain her everything and it’s important for mom I think God send her to help mom. Jay says yes I have faith in her even dad show some movement when she was here. Yug says she is perfect and brave. Jay says Baljeet can go to any extent. Yug says don’t worry she can beat him. Chandani gets up and leave. Jay see bed is empty he run to see her says she ran away.

Swaran bring food for Baljeet, she looking for him finds a letter from Baljeet says you cooked food for me now fand me before food gets cold, he give her a riddle to find him. Swaran start looking for him in house, she looks at watch says only 5minutes are left for 12 I have find him quick or else Nakul can go through operation tomorrow, she check him in corridor but cant find him, she remembers the riddle and go to look for him on terrace.

Chandani running. Jay and Yug follow her. She fall down and she her wanted poster. Yug and Jay catch her. Yug says do you still want to run of stay with us. Chandani says yes I can help. Yug says we have to make her understand and teach her how she can help for our parents. Chandani says let me go.

Swaran looking for Baljeet she walks to sit out area and finds him. Baljeet appreciate her for finding her. Swaran show him his name plate and give him food. Baljeet says ask her to sit infront of him and he have food, he ask her to smile says you will make me fat, he wipes his face from her duppata says now let me go and sleep you always keep me busy. Swaran get up and see Bebe looking at her from inside the room.

Yug say’s to Chandani if you want to leave you can. Chandani says then why did you follow me let me go. Yug says Jay you were right she is not like my mother she is just look alike, they don’t care about anyone and get’s emotional, he explains her mother condition and Ajeet behaviour. Yug says uf you get chance to do something good for someone you won’t. Chandani get’s angry and point knife at him. Yug says why did you stop kill me after all I don’t care what happen next. He gets call from Bebe, he ask what happen everything fine. Bebe says nothing is good do something that Baljeet is a monster and I can see Swaran condition. Yug says don’t worry I’m trying. Bebe says don’t try do something I can see her begging Baljeet for Nakuls life. Yug get dishearten, she says to Chandani I’m begging you listen to me one time please. Chandani says okay say. Jay says one time his mom and my father were about to marry. Chandani in shock says you don’t have any problem. Yug says no they are our parents why would we feel bad. Jay says every arrengements were done but one time Nakul got sick then we got to know his liver need to be transplant, Ajeet liver matched but Vikram ask Goons to hit him and then he was not in condition to give his liver and tell her story how Ajeet went in coma. Chandani ask then what happen?

Baljeet says to Swarna don’t be scared drink some water. Yug says whenever he talk to mom with love he always do something bad.
Swaran says this water is bad. Baljeet throw glass says this water you want me to drink and I’m donating my liver to your son.
Chandani says he looks like a monster. Yug says that why we need you because you can teach Baljeet a lesson.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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