Swaran Ghar 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran learns about Ajit’s departure

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The Episode starts with Swaran coming to Arjun. She says Tanha. He says RJ Tanha, you got help from Tanha and got courage to tell your feelings, you can come on radio and share you experience with everyone. She says no, I can’t think of this, how can I. He says your name is will RJ Aarzoo. She says no, I can’t do this. He says sit, you don’t have to do anything, I will help you, just do it like me. He begins the Tanha show. Ajit and many people hear his show. Arjun says there is a special guest with me today. She says no, I can’t do this. He says think you are talking to your friend Tanha, close your eyes, trust me. He asks her to just think and say whatever she wants. Swaran closes eyes and talks. Ajit says its Swaran’s voice. Arjun says very nice, keep saying. Swaran recalls Ajit. She says when we were young, we don’t understand humanly relations, when we grow up, we understand and still neglect it, we don’t want to understand it, heart finds a way itself to come out of this suffocation, then it tells everything.

Arjun says you said a great thing, amazing, awesome, well done. Swaran says I will go. A lady says RJ Aarzoo has told my feelings, shall I ask something, I was at a place where dying was easy for me than living, but I realized that its not wrong to love in this age also. Arjun asks Swaran to close eyes and talk. Swaran says yes, tell me, RJ Aarzoo is listening. Ajit says okay, I will go to Delhi tomorrow. Jai gives the tickets. Ankita asks why are you sending him to Delhi. Jai says I thought he would like a change of place. Its morning, Swaran recalls Arjun’s words. She thinks of Ajit and wakes up. She sees Bebe. She keeps the sheets. The papers fall. Bebe recalls Rajeshwari’s words. She says I m not feeling well. She thinks I have no courage to tell her that her useless sons have mortgaged the house. She says I need to tell you something, Goldie and… Swaran gets a call. She answers and says Anisha, how are you. Anisha cries.

Swaran asks are you crying. Anisha says dad is not talking to mum and me. Swaran says don’t worry, stop crying, I will make you talk to Vikram. She ends call and says I have to get Vikram bailed out. Bebe asks will he apologize to those women. Swaran says I don’t know. Arjun comes. He says sorry, I was passing by, so….I didn’t want you to fall in any dilemma. Swaran says I m worried for Anisha, Vikram’s daughter, she wants to talk to him. Bebe gets Ajit’s call and asks where did you disappear. Swaran says I have to bail out Vikram. Arjun says think its done, I will handle everything. She says thanks, I will just get ready and come. He says yes, I will wait outside. Ajit hears this and says I don’t have anything to say, thanks for standing by me, its time for me to leave. Bebe says Ajit, listen to me. He says maybe Bebe was calling again and again to say that Swaran chose Goldie as her life partner.

Swaran bails out Vikram. He signs the papers and goes out. She says listen, call Anisha, she called, she was crying a lot. He leaves in the cab. Arjun says your children hurt your heart a lot. She says I have to talk to Ajit. He says sure, he understands you well. She calls Ajit. Dhillo asks who is it. She asks where is Ajit. He says he left his phone here and went to Delhi, dad said he is going by bus. She says Ajit is going. Arjun asks what happened. She says Ajit is doing to Delhi, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. He asks how. She says he has a bus now. He says 15mins still left, come. They leave. Ajit reaches the bus depot. Chal chalve tu…plays… He thinks of Arjun and Swaran. He sees a couple and recalls Swaran and his moment of their young times. Swaran and Arjun come there. Swaran checks a bus and calls out Ajit. She asks about Delhi bus. He says it leaves every 5 mins, one bus just left. She holds her head.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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