Tale of Two hearts – Three shots – Shot one

Vineeth : You know how much time it will take to reach from Kasargode to Mangalore  ?

Rebitha : Oh!! So you want to say I am the whole cause ? My Appa has restricted me to go to your town before wedding. That’s why I am helpless to call you at my home town. Edwat aaguva enthu enikku ariyila { I don’t know it will create a trouble}

Vineeth : You either speak Kannada or Malayalam . Don’t mix it. It’s highly irritating.

Rebitha : Being a Tulu community person my language is like that. What to do ? I am staying in border which’s half part is on Kerala and half is on Karnataka. You have problem with my accent too ? Earlier you says it as sweet.

Vineeth : Leave it. Taste the coffee .

Rebitha : I don’t have much time . I need to go back

Vineeth : Enna pinne ingottu maharani vannathu enthina ? [Then why you queen came here ]

Rebitha : Barthilla anthre ee maharajivne noduva sawbhagyam kittila [If I won’t come I haven’t get the fortune to see this King ]

Vineeth : Nee ethu vare malayalam padichille ? [Haven’t you still learned Malayalam ]

Rebitha : And you haven’t learned Kannada yet ?

Vineeth : You have to be a thorough Mallu girl when you will come there .

Rebitha : You and me both are from Tuluva community and in home we speak Tulu mixed Kannada.

Vineeth : May be at Mangalore . But Kasargode you have to speak Malayalam at home with me .

Rebitha : And what about the community language ? Tamil brahmins of Kerala in Palakkad are speaking mixed language , there are so many communities and what’s wrong if I speak the communal language in home .

Vineeth : I don’t like that . Forget Kannada and  You should interact with me only in English and Malayalam, Got it.

Rebitha : But I can’t skip Kannada. That’s my mother tongue . I learned first that in school.

Vineeth : See those things are stupidity. You should learn to speak Malayalam properly .

Rebitha : And Kannada !! Vineeth see my short story has came in child magazine of Kannada.

Vineeth : Forget it. There is no need of it. What kind of script is it ?

Rebitha : I will explain the title and meaning of story.

Vineeth : You should stop doing these things. And no need of writing for any magazines of Kannada.

Rebitha : What’s your problem with it ?

Vineeth : Give me your phone

Rebitha handovered phone . Vineeth deleted all the kannada songs play lists from phone.

Vineeth : See I have cleaned your phone.

Rebitha : You are hurting me , Vineeth. If you are so proud of your language then I am also proud of my language.

Vineeth : Stop it. And you only said you are getting late. See bus has arrived . Wait are you able to read the board of bus ? It’s written in

Rebitha : I can read and write both Kannada and Malayalam . Just that I am not fluent like you in Malayalam. I am leaving.

Vineeth : Hey just like that ? You won’t say anything .

Rebitha ; Whatever you wants to say you have imposed it on me. Nothing is left to say rather than bye. Njan Pokunnu [ I am going]

She catched the bus with a disheartened heart . That night when the TV was on Shivarajkumar song was going on. Seeing the song Rebitha’s eyes went teary.

Amma : Enaithu putta ? [What happened child ]

Rebitha : Onnum illa [Nothing]

Amma : Why suddenly Malayalam ?

Rebitha : I am practicing it , because I am going to that state, that place forever.

That night Vineeth send a message to Rebitha in phone . Rebitha simply typed good night and send it.

Vineeth made a phone call to her

Vineeth : I send a romantic message and what that just a good night

Rebitha : I don’t know how to reply for it.

Vineeth : What ?

Rebitha : I didn’t understand it fully as it was of full malayalam. You know it

Vineeth : Oh!!! Malayali aanengil malayalam arinjirikkanam . { If you are a malayali then you should know malayalam }

Rebitha : Why you don’t try to learn few kannada too ?

Vineeth : I am not speaking that one in home itself . It’s so embarassing when others will make fun of you.

Rebitha : What ? See we are living in India . Not any foreign country. It’s a country where so many languages are spoken and I am proud of whatever language I am speaking in my community. There is no problem at all.

Vineeth : You just close this lecture and learn malayalam quickly.

Next meeting of these two people 

Ustad Hotel Movie Stills Dulquer Salmaan Nithya Menon Ce And Dulquar Salman  Photo | Background Wallpapers Images

Rebitha : I have bought Uppittu for you

Vineeth : It’s nice , very tasty.

Rebitha : It’s traditional food of Karnataka

Vineeth : May be , but not as much tasty when it comes to Puttu, Kadala of Kerala.

Rebitha : You won’t change, Vineeth

Vineeth ; And one thing, call me Vineethetta only. With due respect. Don’t call me just by my name .

AN : Hey guys , how are you all ? This time I am coming with a real story with some changes in names of characters and some things.. A real story and it’s my own life story only. So tell me guys what you felt after reading it . 

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