Udaariyaan 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aykam gets upset with Nehmat

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The Episode starts with Nehmat asking Rupy to please let her go to Aykam’s function. She says you can come along, I won’t meet him. Satti asks him to agree, they have to trust the children. He recalls Jai’s words. Aykam talks to Nehmat’s pic. Naaz comes and says let Nehmat go, it’s a special day for Aykam. Rupy says okay. Nehmat hugs and thanks him. She hugs Satti and Naaz. Naaz thinks Nehmat has to go, else how will Aykam know that Nehmat lost his Dadi’s earrings. Aykam talks to Dadi’s pic and says your Noorani will come today, wearing your earrings. Nehmat looks for the earrings. She gets worried. Satti says I will go and see Nehmat. Naaz says I will get her. Nehmat says I kept the earrings here, who can take it, it was Aykam’s Dadi’s last sign, what will I answer him. She sits crying. Naaz thinks now you know how it feels, you also cry. She sits with Nehmat and acts. Nehmat says it was his Dadi’s blessing and last sign, don’t tell anyone about this. Naaz says of course, get ready, Aykam would be waiting, you will be sitting far, he won’t know. She goes smiling. Aykam gets ready. He meets the senior. He says Jai didn’t come, mom and Mallika have come. Renuka blesses Aykam. The man congratulates her. Aykam looks for Nehmat.

Mallika asks missing Nehmat? I asked you not to do breakup, smile now, you look good. Aykam says she will come wearing Dadi’s earrings, I trust her. He sees Nehmat’s family. Naaz says Aykam is looking for Nehmat. She thinks Nehmat won’t come. Advit also comes there. He thinks Ranjha has come, we will see if Heer will come or not. Mallika meets him. He says congrats for your brother. Naaz looks on. Advit asks isn’t your best friend coming to wish her ex. Mallika says I wish she could come, but she isn’t coming. He says go, your mom would be waiting. Naaz says he looks VIP, Mallika got the right guy. Aykam waits for Nehmat. Nehmat comes wearing some earrings. He smiles seeing her. Advit turns and sees Nehmat. He thinks are these two still together. He greets Nehmat. Naaz looks on and says Nehmat knows him too. She calls out Nehmat. She sees Nehmat wearing some Jhumkas. Nehmat goes to Naaz. Naaz says you got the Jhumkas. Nehmat says we will talk later. Naaz thinks how did she wear this, did she know that I kept it mortgaged, how did she get it. Aykam gets the rank of ASP. Nehmat recalls his words. Advit looks on. Aykam and Nehmat meet. She says I fulfilled Rupy, I won’t meet you. He says look at me once, how I look in uniform. She says you look good. He asks why are you tensed, come here. He holds her hand and asks did you get mad, why are your hands shaking, I won’t break your promise, this curtain is between us. She says I don’t want to spoil your special day. He says you have worn Dadi’s earrings, I got Dadi’s blessings. She says I wish I also got her blessings, enough, I don’t want anyone to see us.

Advit looks for her. Aykam hugs Nehmat. He asks her to open eyes now. He says Dadi’s earrings look lovely on you. The earring falls. He says sorry, I will get it. He picks it. He checks it and recalls Dadi’s earrings. Naaz looks on. He says its not the earrings which I gave you, it means its fake ones, where are the real ones. Naaz thinks what, she had worn fake earrings. Nehmat says yes, its fake, don’t get angry, I know the earrings were imp for you but I lost it. She cries. She says sorry, I had worn this because it was your wish. He says you should have told me, you cheated me. She says I didn’t want to spoil your mood on this special day, give me one day time, I will find it. He scolds her. Naaz says wow Aykam, very good, I wanted this, now Nehmat will know the pain of losing love. Nehmat says please don’t misunderstand me. Aykam says I knew you will never break my trust, you broke my trust and heart. He leaves. She cries. O re piya…plays….

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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