Udaariyaan 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz’s clever tactics

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The Episode starts with Aykam saying you are just like your mumma, sorted, you have a solution for everything. Nehmat says yes, but I don’t have such tolerance, its right, people think its their weakness, aren’t you getting late. He sees the time. She says you won’t get late when I m there. He asks her to live her life and drive. They leave. At Sandhu house, Naaz is seen. Naaz imitates Harman. She says I m just joining your yoga, come downstairs and have food. Harman says she is just like Tejo. Abhiraj says your son failed twice, you have spoilt him. Shelly says competition got tough. Naaz asks her to wake up Armaan. She gets parathas for Abhiraj. She says I will go to college. Satti comes and says you didn’t have breakfast. Naaz says I have extra classes, I convinced a professor to convince me.

She says Nehmat comes first, I should also get good marks. She counts. Rupy stops her. She smiles. He gives her pocket money. She says I don’t want. Satti asks her to keep it. Naaz says I have no expenses, give this to Nehmat from my side. He says she already took, you keep it. Satti also gives money. She says she always buys things for Shelly and Armaan. Naaz says I don’t want anything else, your love is enough. She gets Bhatia Sir’s call and leaves for college.

Rupy smiles recalling her childhood. Naaz recalls Jasmin’s words. She says I shouldn’t ask for anything, I will get it, I learnt this magic trick in childhood. She kisses the money. She gets a call. She asks did you come, I m coming. Satti says I worry for Naaz, Nehmat is strong, but Naaz is innocent. Rupy says but they are each other’s strength. Lovely says we will get many alliances for Naaz. Naaz waves to her BF. A lady sees her and calls her out. Naaz greets. The lady says Aykam’s training is getting completed, Mallika goes on drive in the morning, are you going to college. Naaz says yes, I was going to the bus stand. The lady asks her to come along in the cab. Naaz signs the guy and leaves. The lady asks do you go in a bus every day. Naaz says yes, why to spend much money. The lady blesses her. He says Aykam stays busy in training and with Nehmat. Aykam says you didn’t tell me that Dhoom is your fav movie, thanks for dropping me. She says keep the key, promise, you will talk to your dad. He says I just know that he got suspended 15 years back. She says you talk to him, you will feel better seeing him relaxed. He says you are acting smart, I know if you and I feel better then we can spend more time, don’t worry, I will fix everything. She gets Mallika’s phone. He says real problem has come now. Nehmat says she is my best friend. Mallika asks her to just come, its about Naaz. Nehmat asks him to talk to his dad, and leaves.

Nehmat asks what happened now, why did you call me here. Mallika says just to show you, what your cute sister is going to do. Nehmat asks her to shut up. Mallika says you don’t trust me, right, I will show it to you, come. They leave. Aykam comes home. He asks where is mom. Servant says she went outside. He thinks to talk to his dad. He goes and looks for his dad. He finds Randhawa fallen on the ground. He asks him to get up. He says you started drinking in day also, what if I didn’t come. Randhawa says so what, I would have died, how does it matter. Aykam asks him to have water. He says you know we don’t care, you are our lifeline, tell me what happened with you, you weren’t such a person. Randhawa says some other matter has failed me. Aykam says I m your son, tell me what happened, I want to bring you out of this pain. Randhawa says don’t join the police job, it ruins people, will you agree. Aykam says I will do as you say, tell me, what happened to you. Randhawa says leave me alone, do anything you want. He pushes Aykam. Aykam says I will become a police officer and find out what happened with you, till then I will not get married and not have any family, I m your son, I promise.

Mallika and Nehmat come to Bhatia’s house and see Naaz with Bhatia. Naaz says I got good numbers. He says you will get it. He holds her. Nehmat asks what’s happening. She scolds Bhatia and says Naaz won’t come from tomorrow, you will lose your job if you don’t change. Naaz asks what’s the problem. Nehmat says you are duffer. Naaz says he was teaching me. They argue. Nehmat asks her to understand, Bhatia is a bad person, he traps girls by such excuse. She gets Aykam’s message. She asks Mallika to drop Naaz. Naaz says I will go myself.

Aykam sits recalling his dad’s words. Nehmat comes to meet him. She gives him an icecream cone. She says uncle will share his pain with you. He says like you do, since 16 years, we are together, but still you have this burden on your heart, you couldn’t forget that incident.

Nehmat cries. He holds her hand and says I love you Nehmat, I know you have a lot to share but you didn’t do, you act strong, when I talk about your parents, you don’t let me come close and touch your pain, do you want to keep this burden, tell me if you also think as my dad. She says no. He says we are thinking to start a new life, I just know about uncle and aunt’s accident, I want to find about it, and why dad got suspended, I just want to see you happy, I wish I could lessen your pain. He hugs her.

Nehmat asks Naaz to come, she is in a hurry. She leaves. Naaz smiles. Nehmat meets Rupy and Harman. He asks from where are you coming.

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