Udaariyaan 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat teaches a lesson to Bhatia

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The Episode starts with Randhawa recalling the accident and crying. She recalls the Virk family. Nehmat cries seeing Fateh and Tejo’s pics and videos. She says you said right, you will always stay as my power, I m going to do a work, which you taught me, to correct the wrong happening, I really miss you, mum and dad. Aykam gets ready. Rupy asks Harman to come. Harman says I can’t walk, I have knee pain. Rupy says I know. Nehmat comes and says same excuse won’t work every day. He asks from where are you coming. Nehmat says my article is coming, you read it, take Harman for a walk. Rupy says Tejo couldn’t lie and even Nehmat can’t lie. Harman says right. Rupy asks him to come. Mallika says I m coming from morning walk, I had gone with Nehmat. He says she won’t leave her sleep, don’t make me mad. She says you are already mad. They hear their parents arguing. Mallika asks do you know about it. Aykam says no, I just know that one incident changed dad’s life. Naaz says Nehmat you woke up soon, were you writing an article. Nehmat says yes, read the college magazine. Naaz asks her to wait for 10 mins. Nehmat says I will go, you take the notes, it will help. She goes. Naaz says I know she will go and meet Aykam. Nehmat meets Aykam. He asks where did you go with Mallika. She says it’s a secret, you will feel proud of me. They hear songs on radio and argue. She asks him to hear whatever she wants. He jokes. A car races. She says I will see him. She follows the car and stops him. She gets angry on the guy. The guy says I was driving right. Aykam stops Nehmat. She scolds the guy.

He asks her to go and do her work. She runs to beat him with her sandal. Aykam catches her and asks the guy to leave fast. The guy leaves. Nehmat asks why did you stop me. Aykam says he would have hit you. She says you are there with me, my constable. He says I m getting training for ASP. She asks him to drop her. He asks why are you so impulsive. She says I m such, handle me if you can. He says I do care. He does shayari. They leave.

At college, the guy sees Nehmat’s article. He says this is amazing. Nehmat says I clear the society junk. She recalls going to Bhatia’s house. He falls down in the junk. Aisi dhakkad hai….plays… Nehmati clicks his pic. FB ends. The guy says Bhatia is getting fired, it’s a good news. Nehmat says this is great news. Naaz’s friend says you were going to this professor Bhatia. Naaz says yes, I didn’t know, I got saved. He says yes, because of Nehmat. She gives them shopping coupons. Ronnie comes and greets Nehmat and Mallika. He asks are you coming in the birthday party. Nehmat says of course. Naaz’s friend says he is really rich. Ronnie asks Nehmat to get her constable. Nehmat says he is would be ASP, he will come with me. Ronnie goes. Naaz thinks I also want to go in this party. She goes to Ronnie. He gets a call and goes. Naaz’s friend says no use, he will just invite his gang in his exclusive party. Naaz says I will go in the party.

Aykam says I knew it, you both did something, you blasted that professor. Nehmat says poor professor. He says tell the truth, you did this. She says yes, Bhatia calls girls home for extra classes, Naaz also went to him, Mallika and I did this, you should be proud, your way and my way, its different. He says I m scared of your impulsive behavior, you may fall in problem. She says I don’t wait for others to do anything. She recalls Fateh’s words. She says I will be the same, you handle things. Aykam kisses her.

Shelly says Naaz is cooking today. Naaz says no, I m just serving. She says I will go and give this to Nehmat and Mallika. Satti says Mallika is Nehmat’s best friend. Shelly says maybe Nehmat is her would be Bhabhi, everyone knows about Nehmat and Aykam’s affair, but they all keep quiet. Nehmat says I will wear this in the party, Aykam gifted it to me. Mallika says no, you can’t wear the same in every party, if your BF gifted it. They have a talk and laugh. Naaz comes with snacks. She likes Nehmat’s dress. She says I have matching earrings for you, have this. She asks shall I also come with you to the party. Nehmat says sorry, Aykam is going with me, but Mallika is going alone, come with her. Mallika says sorry, I already have a plus one. Nehmat asks what, who. Mallika says few things can only be told to best friends, sorry Naaz. Mallika takes Nehmat with her.

Nehmat asks who is your plus one. Mallika says no one, I lied, I don’t want to take Naaz, she is your sister, I dislike her. Nehmat says we will take her, she will enjoy. Mallika says everyone knows she was taking classes from Bhatia, they will talk about it. Nehmat says right. They leave. Naaz says I will go in the party now.

Nehmat and Aykam romance. Aykam’s mum asks Naaz to enjoy the party with everyone. Naaz smiles.

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