Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat meets Gautam

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The Episode starts with Mallika telling about Nehmat and Aykam’s love story starting from the football ground. Aykam says I fell in love with her, I used to send her shayaris. Nehmat tells his shayaris. She laughs. Aykam says I wasn’t daring, I was scared that she can punch and hurt my feelings, our fights changed into friendship and then into love, first move was mine. Mallika says then Nehmat is our winner. Naaz says Nehmat will tell what she wants Aykam to do. Aykam says you won’t dance today, right. Nehmat says no way, we will dance, but you will start. He says fine, keep my phone, watch now. He goes and dances on dhoom machale… Everyone looks on and cheers for him.

Renuka asks Jay what were you saying. Jay recalls the accident. He gets an attack and falls down. She asks are you fine. She shouts to the servant. She calls Aykam. Nehmat and everyone enjoy at the party. Servant comes. Renuka says we have to take Jay to the hospital. Nehmat dances with Aykam. Naaz sees them. Renuka calls Mallika. She asks driver to drive fast. Aykam says it was fun today, else I m always at the police training. Nehmat laughs and says you looked hot today. He says you are still looking hot. A man comes and says your dad got suspended, you are partying here, right. Nehmat asks who are you, what do you know about the suspension. The man says corruption, money, now his son is also joining police for money. Nehmatasks him to get lost.

Aykam holds the man’s collar. He says you are drunk, not me, if I hit you, your face will get spoiled, enjoy the party, I want to join police to clear the suspension stain from my dad’s name. The man goes. Nehmat says you are mad, you should have punched him. Aykam says violence isn’t the solution for every problem. She says tit for tat, he deserved a punch. He compliments her. Naaz greets Varun. He asks will you have a drink. She says no, I don’t drink. He asks will you have juice. He winks to the bartender. She drinks the spiked juice. Renuka comes to the party venue. She asks Aykam where is your phone, I was calling you. Aykam and Mallika ask you here. Renuka says your dad nearly got a heart attack, he is in the car, we were coming back from the doctor. Mallika says music was loud. Aykam says Nehmat has my phone. Renuka says anything could have happened to your dad today. They leave. Nehmat sees Naaz with Varun. She checks the juice and asks are you drinking, come with me. Varun asks why are you being a bodyguard. Nehmat slaps him. She says I m her sister. She takes Naaz. Varun says I will take revenge for this.

Its morning, Shelly gives lemon water to Naaz. She says I also wanted to attend the party and get drunk. Naaz says I didn’t drink, a friend made me drink. Shelly tells her about an alliance. Aykam and family also discuss Gautam’s alliance for Mallika. Nehmat comes and says Mallika should meet the guy. She greets them. Jay leaves. Mallika says okay fine, I will meet them, Nehmat should be with me. Nehmat agrees. Naaz says I want such a guy who has money and power, who can give me everything I want. Mallika says I want a lovely love story, a guy who loves me, who I love, he should do anything for me. Mallika and Naaz describe the guy. Naaz says love will happen, just life should be set. Shelly says I believe the same, did you choose someone. Naaz says no, Rupy and Satti will find one. Shelly asks her to meet Renuka and find the news of Mallika’s alliance. Naaz thinks to go. Naaz helps Renuka. She sees the guy. Nehmat gets Mallika. The guy smiles seeing Mallika. Aykam says she is Nehmat, my… Renuka says Mallika’s school friend. The guy smiles and nods to greet her. Aykam says I think we should leave Mallika and Gautam to talk. The elders go. Nehmat says all the best to Mallika.

Mallika asks Nehmat to sit with them. Nehmat signs Mallika to talk. She talks to Gautam. Naaz looks on. She thinks I think he likes Nehmat, it will be good.

Renuka gets a call. She asks what are you saying, Gautam liked Nehmat more. Renuka calls Nehmat.

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