Udaariyaan 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aykam and Nehmat get attacked

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The Episode starts with Aykam saying we want to confess the truth, we never had a breakup and it will never happen, we just wanted to know why dad has a problem with her, we were hurt hiding this from you, really sorry Nanu. Nehmat says yes, its true, I can’t forget Aykam, you forgive us. Naaz thinks how did he come, my plan failed. Rupy recalls Jai’s words. He says me and my family never had a problem with your relation, Jaiveer doesn’t want Nehmat to become his bahu. Aykam says I will explain dad, we just want to be together, you say that Lord is with those who are in love, I will never leave Nehmat. Satti nods and cries. Rupy says I have seen his courage, Nehmat can you fight with the world for love. Nehmat says yes, if I get Aykam’s support and your blessing, then I have courage to fight the world. Rupy asks Aykam to think again, if Jai doesn’t agree and makes him leave the house… Aykam says I can leave the world, I can’t live without Nehmat, I want your blessings. Rupy hugs them. Aykam holds Nehmat’s hand and takes her. Naaz thinks my plan failed, what shall I do now. Aykam brings Nehmat home. Jai, Renuka and Mallika look on. Jai stops Mallika.

He asks Aykam why did you get Nehmat here. Aykam says we don’t want to stay separated or lie that we aren’t together. Shelly says Nehmat is so clever, so many lies, but she has a good fate, she got love, family also agreed. Naaz throws the plate in anger. Shelly asks her to find someone like Aykam, a true lover, I think Aykam will get his marriage fixed. Renuka says Aykam, you know your dad doesn’t want Nehmat to become our bahu. Aykam says fine, I will leave this house, Nehmat will become my wife. Renuka says think and talk. Jai says I told you to stay away, its imp for your safety. Aykam says I m a police officer, if I can’t protect myself and my family, will people trust me, tell me, who is blackmailing you to separate us. Mallika asks who. Aykam says fine, I will not investigate Fateh and Tejo’s case, Nehmat is my Lord, my everything, I m leaving. Aykam and Nehmat leave. Renuka asks Jai what’s the matter. Mallika calls Advait and says love wins in every situation, Aykam proved it today, a love story can’t fail if it has strength. Advait asks what did they do. She tells everything. He is shocked. She says some outsider is their enemy, someone doesn’t want Aykam and Nehmat to unite, I m sure that their love story will get immortal. Shelly says Nehmat is ahead of you in everything, they aren’t dependent on anyone like you ask everyone for small things. Naaz says Nehmat have to depend on me to get her love. Advait says I wish them all the best. Mallika thanks him. Advait says they have to pay a price for their love, whoever comes in dad’s way, dad shuts all the ways for them.

Its morning, Aykam sees the nail patch. He asks is there any puncture mechanic. Nehmat calls him. He says I will get late. She says fine, I will finish some mails. Some goons come there and tease her. She gets angry. The goon throws the pepper spray from her hand. She beats them and tries to run. They catch her. Aykam comes and beats them. The goons leave on the bike. Aykam hugs Nehmat. She says I think they are the same people who attacked me before. Shamsher says we have to do something big now. He calls someone. Nehmat says maybe we get to know who want to separate us, who are behind my mum and dad’s accident. Aykam says yes, don’t worry, I m with you. He kisses her. Shelly stops Naaz and asks where are you going. Naaz says you asked me to find a nice guy. Shelly says all the best. Naaz says Nehmat will need me to get her love. Goons surround Aykam and Nehmat again. Nikhil comes and says you broke my friend’s nose. Aykam says your friend troubled my friend. The guy says I just asked her for coffee. Nikhil says she could have handled it. She says they were harassing me. Nikhil says recreate the scene and show me, I will decide. Aykam asks Nehmat to relax. He gets down the jeep and slaps Nikhil. Nikhil punches his face. The goons catch Aykam and Nehmat. Aykam gets beaten by the goons. He fights back. Nikhil says I know you are a police officer, you are on duty, I will not take you to police station, I will do justice here by breaking your leg. Nehmat says no, stop, leave him. Nikhil says you should have stopped your hero before. Naaz comes and shouts stop. Nikhil asks what are you doing here. Naaz asks what’s happening here. Nikhil says Aykam broke my friend’s nose, I m going to break his leg now. Naaz says she is my sister. She hugs Nehmat. Nikhil asks is she Nehmat, is he Aykam, sorry, its late. Nehmat says your brothers have teased me. Naaz says they had misbehaved with me also, they didn’t know that I m your GF. Nehmat and Aykam look on.

The episode ends

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