Udaariyaan 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aykam and Nehmat fall into danger

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The Episode starts with Mallika asking Nehmat what are you doing here. Nehmat says I came to get something from the room, Advait is waiting for you on the terrace. Mallika smiles and goes. Naaz looks on and thinks to use the moment later. Aykam, Nehmat, and everyone dance in the party. The goons are waiting outside. Advait gets a call and goes. Nikhil comes home. Nehmat greets and welcomes him. Naaz smiles and goes to Nikhil. Nikhil wishes Naaz happy Diwali. Nehmat shows Nikhil to Aykam. Aykam recalls. Nikhil says sorry for yesterday, I have explained my friends well. Aykam says then fine, happy Diwali. Advait comes and says sorry guys, I got a call. Nikhil says Veere… Advait hugs Nikhil and asks what are you doing here. Mallika asks are you guys brothers. Nikhil asks don’t we look so. Advait says she is Mallika. Nikhil says Naaz is the one. Advait says you didn’t tell me. Nehmat says Naaz and Mallika are childhood friends. Shelly jokes. Aykam says we shall go and burn some crackers. Mallika asks what’s happening, Naaz is with Advait’s brother. Nehmat says I wish Nikhil also loves Naaz as she does, you spare her. They all go out and light the crackers. Vineet sees Nikhil and says even he is here, just do as I say, cover your face. The goons wear the masks. Mallika says Naaz did this intentionally. Nehmat asks why would she do this.

Mallika says I don’t trust her. Aykam taunts her. He says I have to take side of both of you. Shelly says I m feeling hungry, we shall have food. Aykam and Nehmat stay outside and burn the crackers. Everyone goes inside the house. The goons cut off the wire. The light goes. Aykam says we shall celebrate Diwali. The goons distract them by the crackers. They come there, and kidnap Aykam and Nehmat. Aykam shouts who is it, leave me. Vineet calls Shamsher. Shamsher says make them reach their place. Aykam and Nehmat are tied up. Shamsher says they might have reached the factory, I want to see them dying. He goes.

Vineet asks Aykam to talk to his lover before dying. He says I have fixed a bomb to your chair, I have explained you many times, now die. Nehmat asks will you fulfil our last wish. Advait asks Mallika about Nehmat and Aykam. She says they would be sitting somewhere, He thinks I came here because of them. He gets a message. Vineet asks what’s your last wish. Nehmat says we want to see your face. He says sorry, we can’t fulfil your wish. Aykam and Nehmat ask who has sent you. Vineet says your time starts now. He starts the timer and goes. Advait asks is this news right. The man says yes, you asked me to keep an eye on Vineet, Vineet and his men kidnapped Aykam and Nehmat, and took them to the factory. Advait says he might have done this on dad’s saying.

Shamsher comes to the factory. Vineet says nobody will get their sign here. Shamsher says amazing. Nehmat shouts for help. Aykam says relax, it’s a firecrackers factory, I don’t think there is anyone around. Advait says dad, pick up the phone. He is on the way. Shamsher says just 9 mins more for your game to end. Aykam says I will count to 3, push yourself towards left, this chair will break. They try and fall aside. The chair breaks. Aykam gets freed and helps her. Rupy asks Naaz where is Nehmat. Naaz says Aykam is also not here, maybe they went to Gurudwara to light diya. He says yes, I forgot. He feels worried. Aykam asks are you fine. Nehmat says nothing can happen to me when you are with me. He hugs her. They see the timer. She says just 6mins are left. He asks her to come. Nehmat shouts for help. Aykam bangs the door. Shamsher hears this and smiles. He leaves from there. Nehmat says I want to live with you, do something. He says trust me, nothing will happen, I have to defuse this bomb, I will try. He prays and pulls the wire. She cries. Shamsher doesn’t see Advait’s car. Advait comes there and shouts Nehmat, Aykam, are you inside. Nehmat says its Advait’s voice. She asks Advait to help them. Aykam says we just have 30 seconds, hurry up. Advait says there is a big lock, wait. He takes a stone to break the lock. Aykam says hurry up, we don’t have much time. Nehmat hugs him.

The episode ends

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