Udaariyaan 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Aykam and Nehmat promise each other

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The Episode starts with Aykam asking his friend to help him with the case. Constable looks on. Nehmat buys some balloon. Aykam goes to her. She says I couldn’t see those kids upset. They leave the balloons in the air and smile. Inspector tells the constable about the old case. Constable calls some man and says a guy had come to reopen that case. Aykam surprises Nehmat. He asks her to open her eyes. She smiles seeing the lightning bug. Saawli si baat hai…plays… Jai sees some goon and asks why did you call me here. Goon says your son has reached the police station to investigate the old incident, he was finding Tejo and Fateh’s old file, he wants to trouble everyone to please a girl, who is she. Jai says she is Tejo and Fateh’s daughter. Aykam promises Nehmat that he will love her the most. She says I promise, I will never go away from you. Goon laughs and says so love is making him do this. Aykam says when I run after goons, I will think of you. Nehmat says I also run after you, I promise I will always run after you. Jai says stay away from my son. Goon says you know the truth, why didn’t you stop him, stop him, there is still time, else we know to stop and shoot. Nehmat and Aykam have a talk. They hug. Goon says he has to leave this world. Nehmat says I will die if I get away from you.

Aykam says promise me, you will never say this. She says we will always stay together. He says no one can separate us. Goon says ask him to stay away from that girl, end their love story else you all will die. Aykam says I can’t live without you. She says me too. Nehmat says I can share everything with you. She gives him a kiss. He says I will always be with you, this is my promise, I m nothing without you, you are the key to my happiness. Jai drops the keys and recalls the goon’s words. He says when will this end, who wants to ruin my son’s love. The goon informs the man about Aykam and Nehmat’s love story. He says I have threatened Jai to keep them away. The man says it will be good for them. Nehmat sees the boxing gloves and recalls Fateh. She prays that Aykam is always with her. Its morning, Aykam and Nehmat are on the way. She recalls the letter. Aykam asks why are you upset. She says I got a letter. He stops the car and asks what, love letter, tell me the name, where did you get it. She says Rupy’s room, Jasmin wrote it to him, I couldn’t read it, Naaz came to call me, O didn’t get it, don’t know what Jasmin wrote about me. He asks are you sure it was Jasmin’s letter. She says yes, it wasn’t mumma’s writing, it was Jasmin’s letter, she is my biological mum, she left many questions, didn’t she love me, was I not her daughter, Tejo and Fateh were world’s best parents, but I feel rejected that my mum left me. He says when Lord takes one thing, he gives many things to us, we have many gifts in our lives, and also us, we should be thankful to those who are in our lives. He kisses her. They smile.

Mallika is on the way. She collides with a guy. She likes him. He leaves in his car. She runs to see. Aykam and Nehmat come to the dargah. Kun fayakun…plays… He says we will pray here together, by taking a Chadar. She says sure. They go inside.

They give the Chadar and ask baba to bless them. They pray. The same guy who collided with Mallika comes there. Aykam helps someone. The guy comes in between. The Chadar falls over Nehmat and that guy. Aykam doesn’t see them.

The same guy comes to the college and scolds someone. Jai says Aykam, you have to leave Nehmat.

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