Udaariyaan 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Jai decides to separate Nehmat and Aykam

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The Episode starts with Mallika telling Nehmat about the guy. She says I freezed seeing him. Nehmat says he would be special, you are not talking about car and brands. Malika says I m in love. Nehmat says I don’t understand this love at first sight, I wish you meet him, understand and feel the same thing. Mallika says we all are together since childhood, we won’t stay without each other. Jai sees the pic and recalls the goon’s words. Aykam is on the way. Goons follow his car and try to hit. Jai worries and asks where is Aykam. Renuka says he went for a seminar, why are you worried. Aykam gets down the car and shouts are you mad. The goon says your dad is mad, I left you today but not next time. Naaz thinks Varun really has a bigger car then Aykam. Naaz asks will you really pick me from home. He says sure. A guy collides with her and says sorry. Varun scolds the guy. He says Naaz didn’t accept your sorry. Nehmat and Mallika come. The guy apologizes to Naaz. She says its okay. Naaz sees them coming. She hides. Nehmat says he is the same mean guy. Mallika says he looks like a goon. Varun asks the guy to leave. He asks Naaz are you fine. Naaz says yes. He flirts with her. He says I didn’t do anything wrong. She smiles and thinks he is taking care of me, wow.

Aykam comes home. He asks where is everyone. Servant says madam and Mallika went out, Sir is waiting for you. Aykam goes and sees Jai drinking. He says you are drinking again. Jai says I will quit drinking, but you have to listen to me. Aykam says you don’t want me to become a police station, fine, you are the most imp for me, leave this poison. Jai says I asked you to stay away from the accident case, you didn’t listen, if you leave Nehmat and this case, then I will leave you. Aykam gets Nehmat’s call. He says I will talk later. She says wait, I got the marriage footage recovered, shall I show you the last recording. She shows the recording. Jai cries. She says we met like we are meeting for the last time, then we really didn’t meet, so sorry, get free and call me, bye. Aykam asks did you hear, she misses Fateh and Tejo so much, they were her world, Nehmat is my world, I can’t return her parents, but I can get her out of this tension, she thinks if her parents’ death was natural or someone’s plan, she has grown up along with us, she is your friend Fateh’s daughter, you blessed her, you are asking me to leave Nehmat, knowing she is my happiness. Jai says no, she is your bad fate, its my duty to protect you. Aykam asks protect me from whom, from Nehmat?

Jai says I don’t need to explain you anything. Aykam says I feel there is something that you are hiding. Jai says I can’t tell you. Aykam says fine, I won’t leave this case, I can’t leave Nehmat, she is my everything, no one can separate us, not even Lord. He goes and gets angry. Jai says I don’t know that person, I know he is rich and powerful. Aykam says I have to find out the matter, else dad won’t let me and Nehmat get together. Nehmat comes to Naaz. She sees her crying. She asks do you miss your mumma a lot. Naaz says our mumma. Nehmat recalls Jasmin’s words. She says Jasmin gave me birth, but I have no memory with her, Tejo taught me a mum and daughter relation, she is with me. Rupy hears this. Nehmat says I m Tejo’s daughter. He prays that Nehmat just knows this lie, she can never cope up with the truth. Nehmat says we both are missing our mumma. Naaz says you have been always lucky, I just got dad’s beating, I had no one, I just had mumma, even she left me. Nehmat says we are together. Naaz says you are more intelligent and get better marks, you have a guy who loves you a lot. Nehmat says you will also find a guy who would love you a lot, we should stay happy with what we have. She gets Mallika’s call. Naaz says I want everything more than you.

She gets Varun’s call. Varun says you didn’t reply to my messages. She says I was talking to Nehmat. He says okay, reply me soon next time, we will meet tomorrow. Naaz says I think I have found a better guy than Aykam. Nehmat comes to meet Aykam. He wakes up and says sorry, I thought I m dreaming. Rupy asks Jai to come in. He calls Satti to see who has come. Jai says I have come to talk something imp. Satti comes and greets. Jai says whatever is going on between Aykam and Nehmat, it shouldn’t go on. Nehmat finds Aykam worried. Rupy says they are childhood friends. Jai says I don’t want them to be together. Aykam and Nehmat hug and say I love you.

Jai says Nehmat and Aykam shouldn’t have friendship or anyone else. A guy enters their life to bring a storm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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