Udaariyaan 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Advit enters Nehmat’s life

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The Episode starts with a man recalling Nehmat. He recalls Tejo and Fateh’s accident. He says Randhawa knows Shamsher’s power. Jai says I don’t want any friendship and love between Aykam and Nehmat. Rupy says you didn’t see their love, what’s the matter, tell me. Shamsher says Jaiveer Randhawa will keep his son away from this case. Jai says just keep them away. Rupy asks him to listen. Jai leaves. Satti says we should talk to Nehmat and Aykam about this. Aykam asks what was dad telling about my protection, there is some connection with this case. Satti says they love Nehmat, what did he say this, I heard Mallika saying that her mum has kept bangles for Nehmat. Rupy says I will talk to Jai. Shelly asks Lovely about their secret meeting. Rupy says we should talk to them. Satti says I was worried for Naaz, not Nehmat, but now I feel nothing is fine. Mallika is on the way. Nehmat looks for Aykam and calls Mallika to ask for him. Mallika says I don’t know, I m looking for my love. She hears a romantic song. Nehmat asks her to just come to the market. Mallika says I can’t come right now. The guy walks towards Nehmat. Ranjha…plays… He sees her and leaves. Mallika says I should go to Nehmat. She asks driver to take her to the market.

Mallika comes to the market and sees the guy. Sajda….plays…. She thanks Lord. She looks around again. An old man falls. The same guy comes to help. She smiles seeing his helpful and kind side. The old man blesses him. He asks can’t you see and walk. She says I m sorry. He asks why are you looking at me like this, do we know each other. He gets a call and goes. She says wow, how can someone be so handsome, good looking and dashing. She calls Nehmat.

She meets Nehmat. She says I collided with him again, in this market, I wasn’t coming here, my fate got me here, I don’t know why I freeze seeing him. Nehmat says let Aykam come, I will see him. Mallika says you both can’t stay upset for long. The guy walks into the mall. The salesman asks Nehmat to fill the form, he may win a trip package. He fills Nehmat and Advit’s name by mistake. Mallika says its done, come. Naaz meets Neil. She says I m waiting for Varun, we are just good friends. Varun comes and gets angry. He takes Naaz aside. She asks what happened, why are you upset. She says its okay. He says you shouldn’t talk to Neil again. She says I m feeling hurt. He says I feel hurt seeing you with someone else. She says I m sorry if you felt bad, don’t get angry. He sits in the car.

The man says we have a winner for the lucky draw, Nehmat and Advit. Nehmat says maybe there is some couple. Aykam comes there. He says sorry, I got late. Nehmat asks who are you. He says I m Aykam, sorry, I got busy, I could have called, sorry, we will go out. She says no, I have work. He says we will go somewhere. She says don’t follow me. He lifts her and takes her to his jeep. He kisses her and holds ears to do sit ups. Jhalli jhalli…plays…. He hugs her. She says leave me, else I will shout. He says I will say you are my wife. She says I will say I m leaving you forever. He says don’t joke, everything breaks within me. She asks what happened, I m joking. He hugs her and says I can’t live without you, I won’t let you go away, I won’t let anyone come between us, I love you. He gets sad.

Advit comes home and calls out his dad. He hugs Shamsher and asks why did you call me urgently. Shamsher says market is running bad, we get major funding from them, your image should be clean then party image will be clean, you have to become the face of the party. Advit says don’t worry, you will win this election. Shamsher says you remember my connection with Fateh and Tejo’s accident, Jai had investigated this case, his son wants to reopen this case. Advit says don’t worry, I won’t let them come between your victory.

Mallika comes for Kanjak puja. Jai argues with Rupy.

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