Udaariyaan 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nehmat reads the case of Jayveer. She says I can’t tell Ekam. She comes to her boss. Advait is there. She says it’s okay sir I will come later. He says I want you tp publish this file soon. Advait sees Ekam’s picture in the paper. Her boss says we have to prepare an article on corrupt officers in Punjab. Nehmat says I would need some time for it. It will take time to research. He says do what I say. Advait recalls Jayveer was against his dad.

Ekam is at the mall. He keeps getting calls. Mallika says don’t have time for your sister’s wedding shopping. You’re such a good officer that you keep getting calls. He says I am a good officer. She says help now, I will pray that you get married to Nehmat. He says who can stop that. I can do anything for Nehmat.

Nehmat is worried. Advait asks all okay? She says just work stress. He says I can help you as a friend. You can share it with me. Nehmat says nothing. Thanks. He says tell me as a friend what’s wrong? Nehmat gets a text. She says I will handle it. Nehmat calls Ekam. Mallika says we are here to shop. Advait says I have to make sure Nehmat doesn’t find anything related to this case. He calls Mallika and says can we go shopping? She says sure.

Scene 2
Rama comes to Naaz’s place. Nikhil introduces them. Shally says that engagement was so filmy. Rama says we can also have another similar function. I am here to ask for Naaz’s hand for Nikhil. They both like each other. Rupy says but they just met. Rama says this generation likes to do things quickly. Rama says Naaz will be my daughter in that house. Shally says chacha Ji says yes. Rupy says yes. Rama makes her wear bangles. Nehmat comes in. Rama isn’t happy to see her. Shally says congratulations Nehmat. Your sister is getting married. Rama says I wanted to get Nikhil and Naaz married the same day as Mallika and Advait. Shally says Naaz will have to share her big day with someone else?

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