Udaariyaan 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aykam and Nehmat break up

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The Episode starts with Nehmat asking Rupy what’s the matter. He says you won’t meet Aykam from now. She asks him what went wrong, did Aykam say anything. He says no, but I have thought of it. She says you know about Aykam, you know he is so imp for me, you also love him, why are you saying this. He recalls Jai’s words. He says try to understand, this relation will just get sorrow for you, Aykam’s dad doesn’t want this relation to happen. She gets shocked and cries.

She asks doesn’t Jai want Aykam and me to unite, but why is he doing this, does Aykam know this. He says I don’t know, he said he won’t let your marriage happen with Aykam, he wants a bahu from a big family, I know you are much hurt, but when Jai doesn’t want this, then what can we do, you are my life, I can’t see you in sorrow, just forget Aykam, take time and think he wasn’t meant for you, just your happiness means to me. Rupy and Nehmat cry. Rupy goes to Satti and tells her everything. He says Nehmat shares her pain with Aykam, I used to feel at peace but now, I can’t think of it. Aykam calls Nehmat. She sees Fateh and Tejo’s pic. She asks what will I do now, how will I stay without Aykam. He recalls Fateh’s words. She vents anger by punching the cushion. Naaz comes and says Nehmat….

Advit talks to Shamsher. He asks the man to keep an eye on those two. Shamsher says money is used much in elections, but be careful of the funds. Advit says you have to explain this to Nikhil. Shamsher says he is a kid, let him spend, you are there to take care of me. Advit says its okay, I know elections matter a lot to you. Shamsher says I know when to control Aykam and Nehmat. Nehmat cries and tells everything to Aykam. He asks what, did Jai say this. She asks why did he say this. She says Jai didn’t like me coming home. They argue. He says I tried to ask him, he didn’t tell me, I will ask him why did he do this. She says nothing can happen now. He asks what are you saying. She says my family gave us blessings, why did you not understand what Jai wants, why is he doing this. He says listen to me, I can’t see tears in your eyes, I love you. She says this isn’t enough, our families should be together, I can’t marry without their permission. He says yes, let me talk, I will make everything fine. She says I m not so strong, I can’t tolerate this. He says you trust me right. She says try to understand, I didn’t see Rupy crying, everything is over, our meeting, our relation, our love, over. He says don’t say this, I will fix everything. She pushes him away. They cry.
He runs after her and says we will solve this problem ourselves, I can’t live without you. She says its not easy for me, its over.

Varun comes there and looks on. Nehmat says I will never meet you. Varun recalls Nehmat’s slap. He smiles. Nehmat cries and goes. Aykam shouts is your family everything, is my love nothing, will you leave for a small thing, was our love so weak. She says think anything, I will go. He asks her to go. They cry.

Aykam says I will find the truth of that case, its my promise. Nehmat is at the pandal. She prays. Advit is also there.

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