Udaariyaan 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Aykam sob in sorrow

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The Episode starts with Aykam running after Nehmat. She leaves. He leaves in his jeep. They both recall their moments and cry. Advit is on the way. He stops seeing the procession. He asks the driver to get the car. He gets down and goes to pray. Nehmat stands beside him and prays. She thinks I lost my mum and dad first and now Aykam. She cries. Naaz asks where are we going today. Varun says you said Nehmat and Aykam love each other, everything is over, I just heard Nehmat saying Aykam that its all over, they had a break up. Naaz asks what. He says I m happy, she used to show much attitude, who can stay with her, I think you don’t like her, right, so sweet. He gets a call and goes. She says Nehmat and Aykam had a breakup, how, I have to go and find out. Rupy prays at Gurudwara and cries. Satti also cries. Nehmat thinks I can’t give up on my love. Aykam comes home and asks Jai why did he do this. He says I feel I have happiness when I m with Nehmat, she is my everything, she isn’t my life, but my Lord, if I don’t get her, then I will die, I don’t want to live such a life without her. Jai worries.

Aykam asks is that case the reason for separating Nehmat and me, you have some guilt and fear, did you have some connection with that case, why do I feel that you got suspended because of that case, tell me. Jai says don’t try to become my dad, I have no relation with that case. Aykam says there is something, fine, I will get away from Nehmat, if I don’t become of her, then I won’t become of you all, and about this case, I will find out about it, my love isn’t weak to lose, its my promise, I will find the truth. He cries and goes.

The girl says my mum wants to meet you, I got admission because of you. Nehmat says fine, I will meet aunty. Naaz comes to Aykam. He says mom isn’t at home. She says I know everything, Nehmat and you had a breakup, I don’t understand how. Mallika comes and hears about the breakup. Naaz says listen to Nehmat, don’t let this happen. Mallika scolds her. Aykam stops her. Naaz acts to cry. He says sorry. Naaz goes smiling.

Mallika meets Nehmat and asks what’s happening. Nehmat says don’t ask me, ask your dad. Mallika says he isn’t against your love story. Nehmat says no, everything ended between Aykam and me. Mallika says I don’t believe this. Nehmat asks what did I do, uncle wants Aykam and me to not meet. Nehmat says I should give another chance to Aykam. Aykam calls her. He says listen to me once, it’s a misunderstanding between elders, we will meet and try to solve it, we will solve it, I m with you. She disconnects. He says I love you and cries. Nehmat recalls Aykam. Rupy and Satti see her.

Nehmat says I m going to my friend’s house to study. Rupy asks her to go. Satti says she didn’t change, she can’t lie. He says she doesn’t want to show her pain to us. Shelly and Naaz see Nehmat leaving. Naaz asks where is she going. Shelly asks is she planning to elope. Nehmat sees someone at the café and smiles. She goes and hugs him, thinking he is Aykam. Advit turns.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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