Udaariyaan fame Twinkle Arora and Hitesh Bhardwaj share their plans for Diwali

Udaariyaan fame Twinkle Arora and Hitesh Bhardwaj share their plans for Diwali

Udaariyaan lead actors Twinkle Arora and Hitesh Bhardwaj are super excited for Diwali just like us. During a recent interview, the duo talked about their Diwali plans.

Udaariyaan lead actor Hitesh Bharadwaj said, “Now, we are planning to celebrate Diwali on set itself with the unit and team. We’ll have fun, plan something if we have a day off. Also, I would try to fly back home if we get a leave. Diwali for me it’s a beautiful festival. I still remember how we used to buy new clothes during this time. That was the only time when we used to get all the new things so it was quite exciting for all of us. I guess if we have two days off, I will go to Mathura. I haven’t seen my parents in a long time, and I didn’t get to celebrate Diwali with them last year, so I really want to go and see them this year. As a child, I used to always request for firecrackers and new clothes. I used to always carry a toy gun. Later, as I grew older, I realizedUdaariyaan fame Twinkle Arora and Hitesh Bhardwaj share their plans for Diwali that we shouldn’t burst crackers. As a result, sweets and gifts became a favorite of mine. Diwali is the festival during which all diets fail. But I always try to control my urge as it took me a long time to get in shape. But if I go to Mathura, I can’t resist the sweets made by my mother.”

Twinkle Arora also added to the conversation and said, “This year, I want to spend time with my family (my sister, brother, and grandmother) and celebrate this festival of lights with them in a peaceful manner. Diwali has always been a fun event! Actually, Diwali brings about a change in life every year! I remember mom being behind us to clean everything and also make rangolis. Diwali is not just a one-day festival, it’s actually a whole process. Not gonna celebrate this time in a grand way this year, but it will be more like a good dinner and happy time with my loved ones! No crackers clearly. I’ll be here with my family in Chandigarh. My favorite memory is the first time I started playing with crackers as a child! This is also the strangest memory I have! I remember playing with a cracker called a pencil and got terrified when it made a strange sound, so I screamed at my sister and accidentally landed a spark on her hand. Well, I don’t know what diet means at this time. Only when it gets over, that I go back to my basics.”


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