Unravelled mind Rishab Maya MJ Vishal Helly thriller SS Part1

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Unravelled mind Part 1

 I dedicate this SS to Mahiiimaa who wants a Rishab Luthra Maya Jaisingh SS with a revengeful Maya.

Many girls had come for the interview of the post of Mrutyunjay Roy’s private assistant.

A girl knocked at the door of his cabin.

MJ:Yes..come in.

She got inside.

She:Good morning Sir!I am Maya Jaisingh.

Mrityunjay looked at her.He was shocked to see her.

He extended his hand towards her:Welcome Miss.Maya.

She also extended her hand towards him.

They had a handshake.

Mrityunjay remembered shaking hands with a woman in another situation while shaking hands with Maya.That woman looked entirely same as Maya.

Mrtyunjay thought:This girl….how is it possible?

MJ:Please Sit Maya.

Maya sat there.

MJ:Can I see your biodata?

Maya:Sure Sir.

She gave him her biodata.

Mrityunjay:Maya Jaisingh;the daughter of Shekar Jaisingh and Anshima..

Maya:Yes Sir.

He looked at her certificates for namesake.

Mrityunjay:You are appointed Maya.

Maya was surprised.

Maya:But you did not take my interview.

Mrityunjay:But I saw your certificates.You are well qualified with good scores too.I need only this much.

Maya smiled.

Maya:Thank you so much Sir.

MJ:You can join tomorrow.

Maya:Sure Sir.Thank you again.

When Maya went out of the cabin,his eyes were fixed on her.

While going out,Maya bumped into someone and her files fell down.

That man:I am sorry.

Maya:It’s ok.

Both bent down to take the files from the floor.He helped her to pick up the files from the floor.

Maya:Thank you.


Maya:I am appointed as MJ sir’s new PA.

He:O that’s nice.I will be your colleague.


Another man came near them.

He:He is Rishab Luthra.

Maya:Are you the business magnet Mahesh Luthra’s son?


Maya was surprised.

The other man:Though he has a big family business,he wanted to be independant.So he is working here.Within a limited time through hard work,he became MJ Sir’s favourite employee.

Maya smiled.

The other man:Well…I am Kabir;Rishab’s best friend.

Maya:Hi Kabir..

Rishab:He is not only my best friend,but also my sister Ruchika’s fiance.

Maya was surprised.





A girl was waiting in a place.Kabir came from behind and embraced her.

She blushed:Kabir!

Kabir:How did you recognize me Ruchika?

Ruchika:Other than you,who will dare to hug Ruchika Luthra?

Kabir and Ruchika smiled.

Ruchika:These days you have no time for me.I doubted whether you will come today to meet me.

Kabir:I am sorry Ruchika.You know the hectic work schedule I have.Luckily today I got time.

Ruchika:I know that Kabir.But I really miss you.

Kabir:I also miss you Ruchika.

He caressed her face.

Kabir:Anyways we got time to spend with each other.We should be happy with the limited time we get to spend with each other.We should utilize the time we got.

Ruchika:Yes.You are right.

They smiled.




The next day…

Maya was doing her work.Mrityunjay stood behind her and observed her movements.

Maya felt him standing close to her and became conscious.

Maya:What happened Sir?Am I not doing my work properly?

MJ:Nothing like that.I was just observing your work.You are doing good.My decision to appoint you did not go wrong.

Maya smiled:Thank you Sir.

He smiled.

MJ:If you have any doubt you can ask me or Rishab.He is excellent in it.

Maya just smiled.




The next day…

Maya was finding it hard to do some work.

Suddenly she remembered Mrityunjay telling her to ask his or Rishab’s help if she need any help.

Maya:I can’t ask MJ Sir.I get tensed thinking of that.I will ask Rishab.

Rishab came near her.

Rishab:Hi Maya…how do you do?

Maya thought:What a coincidence that Rishab came to me when I wanted to ask him for help!

Maya:How do you do?Well…Rishab,can you please show me how to do this?

Rishab:Sure.I can solve any problem of yours.

Maya gave him a sarcastic look.

Maya:O really?This much pride and arrogance?

Rishab was embarrassed.

Rishab:It’s not my arrogance,but my pleasure to help my friend.

Maya:But when did I become your friend?

Rishab:The moment I met you,I had friendly vibes towards you.

Maya smiled.

Rishab:Anyways i will show you how to ease your work.

Rishab stood close to her and took the mouse to browse the net on the laptop.

He explained everything to Maya and she got relieved.

Maya:Thank you Rishab.Now I will try to do it myself.

Suddenly Maya kept her hand on the mouse without remembering that Rishab was holding the mouse.

As Maya’s palm fell on his palm he looked at Maya.Maya also looked at him.

They shared an eye lock.

Maya took her palm off his.

Maya:I am sorry.

Rishab:No.I am sorry.

He took the palm off the mouse.

Rishab:Now you can do it.

Maya smiled.

Maya started doing it and it was becoming successful.She smiled happily.Rishab also smiled.

Maya:Thanks again Rishab.

Rishab:No need of thanking me.But tell me whether I have become your friend.

Maya:I have to think.

Rishab:What?You need more time to decide whether I should be your friend?

Maya:Yes.Because Maya Jaisingh does’nt make anyone her friend so fast.

Rishab:Ok..as you wish.But I will wait for your friendship.

She smiled.

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