Unravelled mind Rishab Maya MJ Vishal Helly thriller SS Part2

Unravelled mind Part 2

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Rishab was standing near his car with a dull face.Kabir was also there.Maya went near him.

Maya:What happened Rishab?

Rishab:My car is not starting.I need to call a mechanic.But I need to go home as it’s my mom’s birthday.

Maya:Don’t worry.I will drop you home.


Rishab and Kabir got inside the car.Maya started driving the car.

Maya:Do you both go back from the office together?

Kabir:Yes.Actually it’s Rishab who drops me home as I don’t have my own vehicle.But I am saving money.Hopefully I will be able to buy my own car before I get married to Ruchika.

Maya smiled.

Maya dropped them to the Luthra house.

Rishab:Thank you Maya.

Maya:No mention.

Rishab:But you need to come to my house.You meet my family.


Maya went inside with Rishab and Kabir.

Rishab’s parents Mahesh and Rakhi,sister Ruchika,brother Karan and his wife Preeta came.

Seeing Rakhi and Mahesh,Maya touched their feet.

Mahesh:God bless you beta.

Maya smiled and said:Happy birthday aunty.

Rakhi and Mahesh were confused.

Rakhi:Thank you.But you…

Rishab:She is my colleague Maya.

They all smiled.

Rakhi:You are very nice beta.Seeing us,how you touched our feet was a nice feeling.These days only a few youngsters do that.

Maya and Rishab smiled.

Ruchika:Hi..I am Ruchika.

Maya:Hi..I know you.Kabir had told me about you.

Ruchika blushed.

Maya saw Karan and got excited.

Maya:Cricket star Karan Luthra.

Karan smiled.

Karan:You know me?

Maya:Who does’nt know you?You are a star.I am a big fan of yours.

Karan:Now even I have also become your fan.

Maya smiled.

Maya:But why are you my fan?I am not a celebrity.

Karan:The Karan Luthra is a fan of all his fans,especially beautiful girls.

Everyone except Preeta laughed.

Preeta frowned looking at Karan.

Preeta:You can never stop flirting.Right Mr.The Karan Luthra?

Karan giggled.

Karan:Are you jealous baby doll?

Preeta:Jealous?No way.

Karan:You are jealous.When you are jealous,you look very cute.That’s why purposefully I praised Maya to make you jealous.

Preeta smiled.

Maya:Nice to meet you all.I am leaving.

Rakhi:How can you leave like that?Today is my birthday.You have to attend my birthday party.

Mahesh:Yes.You just can’t go without attending the party.

Maya:But I am in my casuals.

Rakhi:That’s ok.I will give you a saree to wear.

Ruchika:I will give you my dress.Mom…saree is so old fashioned.

Maya:No problem Ruchika.I like sarees.Only on special occasions we get a chance to wear saree.Right?

Rakhi:See Ruchika..not all are allergic to sarees like you.

Ruchika just smiled.



Maya wore the traditional saree which Rakhi gave her.

Rakhi:Aree Wah Maya!You look so pretty like Hema Malini.

Maya smiled:Thank you aunty.

Rishab was mesmerized by her beauty.Seeing him stare at her,she blushed.

Since Rishab was not taking his eyes off her,Maya called him:Rishab!

Rishab came back to senses.


Rishab:Nothing.Actually you look very beautiful in saree.

Maya blushed.

They celebrated Rakhi’s birthday by singing the happy birthday song.

Kabir-Ruchika,Mahesh-Rakhi and Karan-Preeta danced.

Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas
Judi rahe tujhse har ik saans…
Khud pe pehle na itna yaqeen mujhko ho paya
Mushqil si ghadiyan asaan huyi ab jo tu aaya

Ik baat kahun tujhse
Tu paas hai jo mere


Seene se tere sar ko laga ke
Sunti main rahun naam apna
Seene se tere sar ko laga ke
Sunti main rahun naam apna

Oh likh di tere naa’ jindadi zaaniye
Bas rehna tere naal ve zuriye
Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas
Judi rahe tujhse har ik saans

Seene se tere sar ko laga ke
Sunta main rahun naam apna
Ho naam apna

Naal tere ik ghar main sochaan
Baari kholaan te chann dikh jaave
Akkhaan’ch beetan raatan saariyan
Je mann laage te akh na laage



Pyaar hi odhein te pyaar hi khaana
Vich koi aave te pyaar hi aana
Duniya de vich assi duniya ton door
Hunn naal tere mera har sapna

Seene se tere sar ko lagaa ke
Sunta main rahun naam apna o…

Teri ungliyon se aasmaan pe kheechun ek lambi laqeer
Aadha tera aadha mera iss jahaan mein hum do ameer

Koi nazar na aaye mainu
Tu duniya ton wakhri ho gayi
Uthaan tainu takkda jaawan
Tu hi meri naukri ho gayi (x2)

Dooriyan ek pal bhi na gawaara ho
Chal ghoome duniya phir sang awaara ho

Seene se tere sar ko laga ke
Sunti main rahun naam apna
Seene se tere sar ko laga ke
Sunti main rahun naam apna

Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas
Judi rahe tujhse har ek saans

(Pal pal dil ke paas).

Kabir and Ruchika looked at Rishab standing alone with Maya.

Ruchika:I feel bad to see Rishab bhai alone.He is single and alone.

Kabir:He will find someone Ruchika.

Ruchika:He has a good rapport with Maya.Is there anything brewing between them?

Kabir:What are you saying Ruchika?Maya is new to our office and they are just friends.

Ruchika:Oh ok.



After 2 months…

Mrityunjay,Maya,Rishab,Kabir and others attended a press meeting regarding the new big project their company gained.

Maya and Mrityunjay were standing next to each other and talking to the press media.

They were chatting and laughing too.

Rishab’s face became dull seeing their closeness.

Mritunjay announced:We have grabbed a big project.In order to celebrate this happiness I am throwing a party to all of you.

All were excited.





All were dancing and enjoying the party.

Mrityunjay went near Maya.

MJ:May I dance with you?

Maya smiled in a shivering way.


He held her hand and started dancing with her without taking his eyes off her.

Maya was feeling very uncomfortable.

Rishab who watched this closed his fist in anger.

He thought:Why I can’t tolerate Maya dancing with MJ Sir?

Maya was at home…

Maya remembered Mrityunjay dancing with her romantically.She got irritated.Her irritation turned into anger.She took a knife and said angrily:How dare you?I will kill you MJ.

Suddenly a man came there.

He:Maya!What are you doing?Control your anger.If you just kill him like that,you will be in the prison.

Defeat him with intelligence by tearing his mask.

Maya:But MJ has to die.

He:He should die in such a way that nobody can figure out that you are behind it.

Maya smirked.

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