Unravelled mind Rishab Maya MJ Vishal Helly thriller SS Part4

Unravelled mind Part 4

While working,Rishab’s eyes were on Maya.

Maya stared at Rishab.


Rishab:Even when you stare at me,I see something in your eyes for me.

Maya:What do you see in my eyes?


Maya became dull.

Maya thought:It’s true that I have feelings for Rishab.But How can I make him understand that I have no time for love as I have some other aim in my life?

Maya:Nothing like that Rishab.I have not even accepted your friendship.Then how can I love you?

Rishab became upset.Maya became upset seeing his pain.




After some days….

Rishab went near Maya.

Rishab:Maya,did you think of what I told you?


Rishab:Are you fine with marrying me?

Maya:I did not think of it yet.

Rishab got hurt.

Rishab:Why Maya?

Maya:Because there is no emotion like love in me now.

Rishab:It’s a lie.You also have a heart and there is love in your heart.

Maya:Maybe.But that love is suppressed by other emotions.

Rishab:What emotions?

Maya’s eyes became wet.She turned back and replied in her mind:Anger,hatred and revenge.

She wiped her tears and looked at Rishab.

Maya:Once my heart gets rid of all those toxic emotions,if you are ready,that time I will think of what you told me.

Maya walked away.

Rishab became upset and confused.

Rishab:What was Maya saying?

Maya saw Mrityunjay looking at the mirror.Seeing her,he looked at her.

MJ:Is there any grey streak in my beard?

Maya thought:He is so conscious about his hair colour now.

Maya:I don’t know Sir.But you look hot and s*xy with grey hair also.

Mrityunjay was surprised.

MJ:What did you say?Are you serious?

Maya:Yes Sir.Only a few people like you look hot and s*xy with grey hair.

He blushed.

MJ:Then now onwards I am not going to use hair dye.

Maya felt like laughing,but she controlled it.

They both smiled at each other.

MJ:I am going to pub tonight for a dance party.If you don’t mind,you also come with me.

Maya smiled:Sure Sir.It will be a pleasure to dance with you.

He smiled.




Maya got ready to go to the pub with Mrityunjay.

The person who is with Maya told her:Are you mad Maya?It’s not safe to go to the pub with Mrityunjay.He can go to any extent.

Maya:You are a bit too scared.

He:You are my sister.How can I be not worried when you go with a dangerous person to the pub?

Maya:Don’t worry.I can safeguard myself.If I refuse to go with him,he won’t trust me.

He:But don’t take drinks.He will take advantage of the situation.

Maya:Yes.I won’t drink.

He was relieved.




Maya danced with Mrityunjay at the pub.They took photographs with others at the pub.

Mrityunjay caressed Maya’s face and said:You know Maya?I have been adoring this face of yours since many years.

Maya said in her mind:I know that.That’s why with this face I came to you.

Mrityunjay:Once I lost this beautiful face of yours.But now my dream got fulfilled and got this beautiful face of yours.

Maya said in her mind:In your dreams MJ.This face can never be yours.

Mrityunjay took a sip of liquor and moved closer to her lips.

She pushed his face romantically.

Maya:Not now MJ sir.

He smiled.

MJ:Not now in a public place.But you want it secretly?

Maya smiled shyly.


Mrityunjay gave her a glass of liquor.

Maya:No thanks Sir.

Mrityunjay:Oh come on Maya.Drink this.

Maya thought:You want to make him drunk and unconscious to use my body.I will not let it happen MJ.

Maya:I don’t want our beautiful moments to happen in an intoxicated state Sir.

He smiled.

MJ:So you like me.

Maya smiled.

MJ thought:You did not love me Manvi.But your look alike loves me.

Mrityunjay thought about his past.

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