Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage…Zain Imam Tejasswi Prakash SS Part 1

Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage… Part 1


I dedicate this to my friend Charmed_Sunshine_22 who wants me to write an arranged marriage story on Zain Tejasswi.

I thank Sahni_2007 for the lovely cover page.Special thanks for surprising me by making the cover page fast.

A party was going on to celebrate the success of a project.

Mohit took up a glass of wine and sipped it.

Mohit:Today is the happiest day of my life.My dream project has been completed successfully.

Everyone smiled.

Mohit’s parents Dev and Neelima were proud of their son.


After the party….


Neelima caressed Mohit’s head lovingly.

Neelima:I am very happy for you.But as a mother I will be completely happy only if you get married.

Mohit blushed.

Neelima:Do you have anyone in your mind?

Mohit:No mom.

Neelima:Then can I start looking for a girl?

Mohit blushed:Sure mom.

Neelima and Dev smiled.

Mohit:But I will marry the girl only if I like her.

Neelima:We will conduct the wedding only if you like the girl.

Mohit smiled.


A boutique inauguration is going on.

One girl was looking very happy.She was clapping hands.

She was none other than Rashmi.




Somebody called her.She woke up from the bed.

Her mother Anuradha only called her.

Rashmi:Mom,why did you call me?My dream got broken because of you.

Anuradha:Every day you see the same dream of opening a boutique of your own.

Rashmi:One day that will b real.

Anuradha:I also want it to be real.But I can’t wait that long.So before that we will find a boy for you and get you married.

Rashmi:Mom!Why are you in a hurry to get me married?

Anuradha:It’s every parent’s wish to see their daughter getting married.Your parents also want it.

Rashmi’s father Sunil came hearing it.

Sunil:I agree with Anu.Please agree to get married Rashmi.

Rashmi pouted:Ok.

Anuradha and Sunil smiled happily.

Rashmi:But the boy should be very handsome like a film star.

Anuradha and Sunil laughed.


Anuradha:Foolish girl!The boy’s character is more important.

Rashmi:I agree.But the boy should be a nice man with good looks.That’s it.


Rashmi just smiled.


After a month…


Anuradha was dressing up Rashmi as the boy’s family was coming to meet her for the marriage alliance.

Anuradha attached hair extension to her hair.

Amritha:What is this mom?Why this hair extension?

Anuradha:Boys like long haired girls.

Rashmi:But my hair is already long.Why should I make it longer than this?

Anuradha:This length is not enough.The longer the hair is,the more impressed the boy would be.

Rashmi:So to impress the boy,you made me wear the hair extension.But after marriage anyway he will know that it’s hair extension. What about that?

Anuradha:Tell him that you cut your hair.

Rashmi:How ridiculous mom!

Anuradha:Keep quiet and dress up according to my instructions.When he talks to you,talk to him like I say.If the boy is traditional you should talk to him like I say.

Rashmi:Oh no…

Sunil came.

Sunil:The boy is well educated.Who told you that he is very traditional?

Anuradha:Educated or not most of the boys choose traditional girls when it comes to marriage.

Before Sunil and Rashmi could react, the boy’s car landed up there.

They were none other than Mohit and family.

Sunil-Anuradha welcomed them.

Rashmi came with snacks and tea.Mohit looked at her shyly.Slowly she looked at him nervously.

Seeing her, Mohit’s family smiled.

Mohit and Rashmi were sent to another room to talk.



Suddenly Mohit noticed Rashmi’s long hair.

Mohit:You have a very long hair.

Rashmi thought:Oh!So mom is right.He is a typical traditional guy who likes likes women with long hair.I have to talk like what my mom advised me to .

Rashmi:Yes.I love long hair.I oil and shampoo my hair daily.

Mohit:How much time do you take to comb this long hair?

Rashmi:May be 2 hours.

Mohit was shocked:2 hours?

Rashmi thought:I hope my answer is correct.

Mohit noticed the saree she was wearing.

Mohit:Guess you like sarees more.

Rashmi thought:He is a typical traditional guy who likes to see women in sarees.

(TeZain pic credit goes to X_tezain_x)

Rashmi:Yes,I like only sarees.I wear only sarees.I don’t like modern dresses.

Mohit was stunned.

Mohit:You like only sarees and you wear only sarees.That means you wear sarees for 24 hours?


Mohit was shocked.

Mohit:We forgot to introduce ourselves to each other.Hi…I am Mohit.

He extended his hand for a shake hand.

She thought:Like mom said he is trying to test whether I am modern or traditional by trying to shake my hands.

She folded her hands and said:Namasthe!

He became embarrassed and withdrew his hands.

Mohit:Namasthe!Let us go back.


They both went to the drawing room and gave a fake smile to their parents.

Dev asked Mohit:Finished talking?What’s your opinion?

Mohit was silent.So Neelima found something fishy.

Neelima:Thanks to all of you.Let us go back.We will inform you all after 2 days.

Sunil and Anuradha smiled:Ok.





They reached home.

Dev:Neelima…why were you in a hurry to return home?

Neelima did not reply.

Neelima:Mohit,what do you say about Rashmi?

Mohit:I don’t want to marry Rashmi.

All were shocked.

Neelima:When i saw Mohit not responding itself I had a doubt.I was worried whether he will say that frankly there.That’s why I said that we will go back home.

Dev:Oh!Why did’nt you like Rashmi?

Mohit:She is not my type.She has long hair.So she will have hair fall and even in the food she cooks there will be hair.She takes 2  hours to comb her hair.Then when will she spend time with me?She wears sarees for 24 hours.I can’t even imagine.

Dev and Neelima laughed.

Neelima:For such a silly thing you are reacting like this?Hair and dressing are simple issues.

Mohit:I don’t know.I can’t imagine living with a girl like Rashmi for my whole life.

Neelima:Don’t take a hasty decision.Think well.Who knows whether your opinion will change tomorrow?

Mohit:Tomorrow?Never!Tell them that I am not interested.

Neelima:Anyways I will call them only after 2 days.I can’t take a hasty decision.

Mohit:Oh no…



The next day…


Mohit was driving the car. Suddenly he saw something on the right side of the road..He was shocked.He stopped the car.


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