Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage…Zain Imam Tejasswi Prakash SS Part 2

Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage… Part 2

 Dedicated to Revu who wanted to see the pictures of Mohit and Rashmi’s parents.


Mohit was driving the car. Suddenly he saw something on the right side of the road..He was shocked.He stopped the car.

Mohit saw Rashmi walking with her friends.She was laughing and chatting with them.

She was in long top and jeans.Mohit noticed that Rashmi’s hair was not extra long like it looked in their meeting.

Mohit got out of the car and walked towards her.

“Rashmi”,he called her.

She looked at him.

She became nervous as she realized that she was caught red handed.

Rashmi said in her mind:Oh no…now he saw the real me.How will he react?He will be really angry.If he disagrees to marry me seeing my real look mom will scold me.

Mohit:Can I talk to you personally?


Mohit and Rashmi walked to a corner.

Mohit:Where is your long hair?Did you cut your hair?

She was silent.

Mohit:Say the truth.

Rashmi became more scared.

Rashmi:Actually it was hair extension.Mom made me wear the hair extension yesterday.She thought that you might reject me seeing my thin hair which is not long.That’s why.I am sorry.

Mohit laughed.

Rashmi was confused why he laughed.

Mohit:What about the saree which you wear for 24 hours?

Rashmi:I don’t wear sarees at all.Mom told me to change my dressing style thinking that you like only traditional girls who wears only sarees.She forced me to wear saree that day.

Mohit laughed.

Mohit:Thank God!I am relieved that the Rashmi I saw yesterday was fake.This is the real Rashmi.

Rashmi was not able to understand anything.

Mohit:Actually I was not interested in thus marriage alliance.Not because I thought that you were not nice,but I felt that you were not suitable for me.My dream wife was not someone who was wearing saree always and spending time in combing hair.

Rashmi became dull.

Mohit:But now seeing the real you I am convinced that my mom chose the perfect girl for me.You are just like how I want my girl to look like.

Rashmi was surprised.

Rashmi:I thought that you are a traditional man who wants a long haired traditionally dressed up girl.

Mohit:No way.I respect such girls.But as my wife I expect something else which you are.

Unknowingly she blushed.

Mohit:By the way,you did not tell me what you expect from me.

Rashmi:Thinking that you were traditional, I was feeling weird.But I agreed to marry you for my mom.But today seeing the real you,I feel happy.

Mohit:So we both misunderstood each other.


They both laughed.

Mohit:Shall we proceed with this alliance?

Rashmi:But I have a demand.


Rashmi:My dream is to open a small boutique. I hope you won’t discourage me.

Mohit:Why should I discourage you?If I can help you in fulfilling your small sweet dreams I will be the happiest person in the world.

Rashmi smiled.

Rashmi:Then it’s ‘yes’ from my side also.

Mohit was very happy.They smiled at each other.



They both reached home.

Rashmi:It’s mom who made me do such stupid things.Gladly Mohit is not like you think.

Sunil:Anuradha,you are more foolish than i thought.

Anuradha smiled due to embarrassment

while Rashmi and Sunil laughed.



Mohit told everything to his family members.

They also laughed.

Deva:Anyways my son did not have to reject a long for silly reasons like hair and dressing.God saved us from that embarrassment.

Neelima:That’s why I did not say ‘no’ to them immediately like Mohit asked me to do.

Mohit:Thank you for not listening to me mom.Otherwise everything would have been a mess.As you said one day is enough to change our opinion.It became true in my case.One day changed my attitude towards Rashmi.

They smiled.




Both the families informed each other that they are happy with the alliance.

Mohit and Rashmi’s phone numbers also got exchanged through their parents.


Mohit dialed Rashmi’s number.Seeing his number on the phone screen Rashmi blushed.

She picked up the call.

Mohit:Hi..I am Mohit.

She smiled:Hi!

Mohit:You may not have recognized me when I rang you up.

Rashmi:Nothing like that.I recognized you as I had saved your number in my phone.

Mohit was surprised.

Mohit:You have saved my number in your phone?How did you get my number?

Rashmi:Mom had taken your number from your mom.

Mohit:Why?Did you ask your mom to take my number from my mom?

She became shy.

Rashmi:Did you also ask your mom to take my number from my mom?

Unknowingly he said:Yes.

She blushed.

Suddenly he realized what he said.Mohit became shy.

Mohit:Ok.Say about your likes Rashmi.Your favourite colour,..place..movies..actors….

Rashmi:You also say.

They both talked to each other about their likes and dislikes.


Every day they talked to each other over the phone.



One day…

Mohit:By the way…is talking on the phone enough?Don’t you think we should meet directly also?


Rashmi smiled:Yes.


He smiled.



The next day …


Mohit was waiting for Rashmi at a park.

Rashmi reached there.

Seeing him there she smiled.

She called him:Mohit!

He  looked at her.Seeing her, his face blossomed.He walked towards her cheerfully.

Mohit:You look very beautiful in this black suit.

She smiled:Thank you.

Mohit:I thought black colour is meant for the evil vamps as in films devils are seen in black costumes.But now I realized that there can be beautiful human beings also in black.

She chuckled.

Rashmi:White is worn by heroines also in movies.

Mohit:You are right.Right now I am seeing a beautiful heroine..my heroine.

She blushed.

Mohit:You look more beautiful in real.

Rashmi:You are saying this as if you are seeing me directly for the first time.

Mohit:To be frank yes.The first day seeing you in saree and long hair I could not see anything else.Later when I saw your real appearance, in that excitement I could not see you properly.Now I am seeing you peacefully and carefully.

He looked at her face deeply.She could not stop blushing.


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