Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage…Zain Imam Tejasswi Prakash SS Part 5

Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage… Part 5

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The next morning…

After bath Mohit came out of the bathroom without shirt.Seeing that Rashmi became embarrassed.Mohit too was embarrassed seeing Rashmi there.


Rashmi:Sorry,I did not know that you will come out like this.

She turned back closing her eyes.

He wore his shirt.

Mohit:Now you can turn back.

Slowly she turned back and opened her eyes.She was relieved seeing him in his shirt.

Mohit:Don’t embarrass me again like this.

Rashmi:How did I embarrass you?You are the one who came out without the shirt.

Mohit was shy.Slowly they both laughed.


Surprising everyone,Rashmi started cooking in the kitchen.

Neelima:Rashmi,we have maids here.You don’t need to cook.

Rashmi:But Mom..I love cooking.That’s why.

Neelima:Well…your dress sense is very nice.I love it.

Rashmi smiled:Thank you mom.

Neelima: Your biggest dream is to open a boutique.Right?

Rashmi:Yes,I was saving money for that.

Neelima smiled.


Rashmi served them food.

They started eating it.

Mohit said with a smile:I am not surprised as I know that you love cooking.

She smiled looking at him.

Dev:After a long time,I ate something really good.

Neelima:It is really good.

Dev:Yummy food.You should open a restaurant.It will rock.


Rashmi:But I want to open only a boutique.

Everyone smiled.


In the room….


Mohit:Rashmi,you have been saving money to buy a plot to have a boutique.But you could’nt make sufficient money yet.Why don’t you use my money to buy the plot?

Rashmi:Thank you Mohit.But I want to use my own money for that.

Mohit:I understand.But it will get delayed.Don’t waste time.Why don’t you take a place for rent and turn it to a boutique with your savings?

Rashmi was amazed by his idea.

Rashmi:What an idea!Thanks for this idea Mohit.You are superb.

Mohit smiled:I will look for a nice place which you can get through low rent.

She smiled.

She embraced Mohit happily.

Mohit:Dad and mom are planning to send us for honeymoon.But I refused.


Mohit:Because honeymoon means romance.So unless we don’t get comfortable with each other what’s point in going for honeymoon?

Rashmi:That’s right.We both have to wait for that.

Mohit:Ya.This kind of waiting also has sweetness.Right?

She smiled.


After 2 months…


Rashmi’s boutique got inaugurated.

Mohit and Rashmi smiled at each other.

Rashmi:Thank you so much for helping me to fulfill my dream.

Mohit smiled:Anything for you.

He kept his hand on his bosom and said:You have become very close to my heart.

She blushed.





All the family members were chatting.

Dev:When are you both planning for honeymoon?

Mohit:Where is the time dad?

Suddenly Rashmi smiled at Mohit and said:I am ready for honeymoon.

Mohit got stunned and looked at her.

Rashmi said shyly:I think now it’s the time for our honeymoon.

Mohit smiled.

Mohit:But your boutique….

Neelima:Don’t worry about that.Anuradha and I will manage it.

You both enjoy.

Mohit-Rashmi blushed.

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