Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage…Zain Imam Tejasswi Prakash SS Part 6

Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage… Part 6

(TeZain edits credit goes to the real editors)


Mohit-Rashmi flew to Austria for honeymoon.



In the hotel they stayed there is a swimming pool.Mohit took Rashmi there.

Mohit:Let us swim.

Rashmi got scared.

Rashmi:Swimming?I can’t…

Mohit:Don’t be scared Rashmi.I am there with you.

Her eyes became wet.

Rashmi:Please don’t force me Mohit.I am scared of swimming pools.

Mohit was stunned seeing a tear drop rolling down her cheek.

Mohit:For such a silly thing,you are crying?

He wiped her tears.

Mohit:I will not make you do anything which makes you uncomfortable.Don’t worry.

Rashmi:Thank you Mohit for understanding me.

Mohit:I am your husband.I have to understand you.

She smiled.

Mohit: Let us go out.

She smiled.




They enjoyed sight seeing.


While Rashmi was enjoying the scenic beauty,Mohit embraced her from back.She blushed.Suddenly he ticked her from back with a laughter..She giggled feeling ticklish.


They went to a garden.

Rashmi was so fascinated by the flowers that she tried to pluck a flower.

Mohit:Don’t pluck it.This is not our place to pluck  flowers like that.The Police may even arrest you.

Rashmi became dull.

Rashmi:But I want to wear a red flower.

Mohit:I have a solution for that.

He took a red lipstick from her bag and drew a red flower on her cheek.

Mohit:Now you are wearing a red flower on your cheek.

She giggled:Mohit..you are too brilliant.

He smiled:Yes,I am.

They laughed.




They went to the amusement park.

They enjoyed a lot.

They reached the giant wheel.

Mohit:Come..we will get in.

Rashmi rested her head on his shoulder and said:No,I am scared.

He smiled.

Mohit:Come..I am there with you.

He pulled her to get inside.

When the giant wheel started moving Rashmi also started screaming.Mohit could not stop laughing.




In the hotel,they arranged a ball room dance party.

Mohit-Rashmi danced romantically.

Mohit cupped her face in his palms romantically.

Mohit:Don’t you find this place romantic?This place is giving me a romantic mood.

She became shy.

They shared a romantic eye lock.



They reached their hotel room.

Mohit pulled Rashmi closer and said:I am still in a romantic mood.

She blushed.


He rubbed his nose with hers passionately.

They closed the distance between them by drowning in passionate romance.After a passionate session,they slept off.

In the morning…


Rashmi took bath and came near the sleeping Mohit.

Rashmi:Mohit,wake up.

Suddenly he pulled her closer and she fell over him.

They shared an intense eye lock.

Mohit:Let us continue our romantic session.

She blushed.They continued their romance.



Mohit and Rashmi went for sight seeing.Shockingly a robber blocked their way with a gun.Mohit and Rashmi were scared.

Robber:Give me your accessories.

He threatened them.

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