Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: A New Guest Arrives At Chaudhry Mansion

Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saroj emotionally blackmails Kusum to agree for marriage. Kusum agrees to marry and says she doesn’t have any problem with this marriage. Saroj gets happy while Kanha and Sayuri stand disappointed. Once Saroj leaves, Nakul and Sayuri ask Kusum not to take any decision under pressure and inform them if she is hesitant to speak to Saroj. Kusum says just like Kanha and Sayuri were at loggheads with each other but fate got them together, maybe this marriage is in her fate and she should accept it. She wears bridal veil and says they should flow with the wind rather than opposing it. Kanha says accept fate is one thing and bending in front of it is another thing, she should not compromise her dreams for it though and should continue her studies after marriage.

After some time, Chaudhry’s perform Durgamaa’s pooja. Rashmi gets jealous seeing Saroj paying more attention towards Sayuri. Sayuri asks about her hand burn. Rashmi rudely says she doesn’t have to worry about it. Kanha plays a garbha song and dances with family. Rashmi stands more jealous seeing Saroj and Kanha’s dance. Nakul dances with Rashmi, diverting her attention from Sayuri. Saroj feels happy seeing her children dancing. Kanha asks Sayuri if she wanted to see everyone happy, she need not worry as he will handle everything. Sayuri thanks him and says she is proud of him.

A lady gets out of auto and enters Chaudhry house. Kanha gets happy seeing and calling her dragon daadi rushes to take her blessings. Everyone look tensed seeing her. Dragon daadi taunts him that he is wandering around his wife soon after marriage. Kanha says every man does same, he is not an exception. Daadi asks if anyone else saw her or not. Saroj draws pallu and touches her feet followed by others. Indu thinks Nirmala mausi returned after so many years and hopes she doesn’t create any problem.

Dragon daadi asks Nakul to bring her luggage and Kanha to pay her auto fare. Dragon daadi asks Sayuri if she is Kanha’s wife and scolds her for not drawing pallu over head in front of elders. She mocks that she is Indu’s daughter and following her, but should follow Chaudhry family tradition. Tej asks reason for her visit. Dragon daadi says she heard about Kusum’s alliance and came to attend her wedding. Nakul asks Kanha if he calls daadi as dragon daadi for her bitter annoying nature, Sayuri will be her soft target now. Kanha says he will shield Sayuri from Dragon daadi. Dragon daadi continues to mock Sayuri for laughing in front of elders and not following tradition.

Kanha feels irked with Dragon daadi’s behavior and tells Sayuri that wearing pallu should be her choice and she shouldn’t follow any tradition under pressure. Sayuri calms him down. Nakul gifts a purse to Rashmi. Rashmi likes it and thanks him. Nakul asks her to thank Sayuri also as she helped him select a purse for him. Once he leaves, she angrily throws purse away feeling more jealous of Sayuri.

Precap: Kanha shows his childhood clothes to Sayuri.
Sayuri says soon they will be having their baby in this world. Sayuri while serving tea slips and falls. Kanha rushes to her worried.

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