Woh Toh Hai Albela 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha and Sayuri’s Bonding

Woh Toh Hai Albela 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanha suggests Sayuri to attend a business meeting in his place. Sayuri feels nervous. Kanha encourages her and boasts her morales. Nakul backs him. Kanha says even Nakul should accompany Sayuri. Nakul agrees and says he is Kanha’s Laxman and would follow his Ram and Seeta’s orders. Sayuri agrees. Dhanraj praises Kanha and Sayuri’s companionship. Jealous Saroj suggests online meeting. Kanha says he can’t manage both even then, so its better Sayuri handles the meeting and he handles his vloginng competition. Saroj stands frowning but acts as smiling.

Rashmi suggests Nakul to claim his partnership in family business as he has right on the business more than Sayuri. Nakul asks her to stop dreaming, he would always like to be his brother and BIL’s Laxman and follow their steps, and would think fo business only when he is ready for that. He says she is too sweet and innocent, but sometimes irritates him with her selfish talks and he doesn’t expect same from her again. Rashmi stands sad. Nakul leaves.
Saroj hearing their conversation brainwashed Rashmi saying even she used to feel same seeing Sayuri’s dominance and says Nakul is innocent and wants to be Laxman, but Sayuri is very cunning and wants to grab everything alone and considers Nakul as just her secretary. She continues provoking her against Sayuri and grins seeing her plan working.

Sayuri plans a presentation for her meeting and sets Kanha’s camera bag for his vlog competition. Kanha walks in and praises her for her organizing skills. Sayuri asks him to stop joking. He continues to praise her and joke. She also gets into mood and jokes with him. Indu informs Bhanu about Sayuri’s business meeting and says she knows Sayuri will handle the meeting well for sure and even Nakul as Laxman would be with Sayuri to support her. Rashmi hears that and recalls Saroj provoking words. Sayuri and Kanha continue to share their bond and compatibility and get intimate.

Next morning, Sayuri wakes up early and tries to wake up Kanha. He pulls her back on bed. A romantic song plays in the background. They both get ready for their meetings and attend morning pooja by Saroj. Saroj blesses Kanha to succeed in his mission and ignores Sayuri. Everyone notice that silently. Nakul asks her to bless even him as he is accompanying Sayuri. Dhanraj tells Kanha that he should respect Sayuri’s hard as she found out about this competition with great difficulty and should win the competition. He then blesses Sayuri and says her talent will make her successful. Nakul asks Sayuri to leave all the burden on him and handle the meeting with a free mind. Saroj grins at Rashmi. Family wishes them all the best. They all 3 head towards door. Tej says it looks like Ram, Laxman, and Seeta are leaving their palace. Nakul opens door for Sayuri. Rashmi feels jealous seeing that. Saroj feels happy seeing her expression. Dhanraj prays god to help Sayuri and Kanha.

Precap: Sayuri wins contract and encourages Kanha for his competition. Back home, Dhanraj and others celebrate Sayuri’s win. Saroj brainwashes Rashmi that Sayuri has turned Nakul into her servant.

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