Woh Toh Hai Albela 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Bags A Business Contract

Woh Toh Hai Albela 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri feels dizzy while heading for the meeting. Nakul asks if she is having headache. Sayuri says she is fine and says she wants to check the presentation once. Nakul asks her to check it once they reach the place or else she will strain her eyes. Sayuri thinks she managed Nakul, how will she manage Kanha when he learns that she is feeling dizzy since a few days. Saroj’s fiend Kanchan visits her and asks her why did her family insult Gayatri and her family. Saroj says Kanha didn’t like Gayatri insulting his family. Kanchan suggests her to not let this alliance slip off as Kusum is growing old. Saroj agrees and requests her to fix Kusum and Rishi’s meeting. She curses Sayuri and thinks Sayuri herself married Kanha and is getting her sister also in this house, but doesn’t want Kusum to marry and move on; she will not let Sayuri ruin Kusum’s life.

Nakul enters for a client meeting. Clients welcome him and ask if he will lead the meeting today. Kanha introduces Sayuri and says she is Sayuri Chaudhry, Kanha Chaudhry’s wife and Chaudhry Marbles’s partner, who will lead the meeting today. Sayuri presents her idea via a presentation. Clients like her idea and says its unique and refreshing. Kanha eagerly waits for Sayuri’s call feeling confident that Sayuri would have cracked a contract for sure. Sayuri calls him and informs her how she impressed the client and got a sample contract of 50 marbles for evaluation first. He praises her and asks how will they prepare 50 marbles in a short time soon. Sayuri says they will manage just like she managed Sayuri masalas. Kanha asks her to find women who needs job and are passionate for their work. Sayuri says its a good idea and says they will create employment for many women. She asks him to concentrate on his vlogging competition now and let her concentrate on her business, asks if he got an idea for vlogging. He says he got an idea from his wife. She wishes his best of luck and disconnects call.

Sayuri and Kanha return home. Dhanraj, Tej, Kusum, Bhanu, and Indu congratulate them for the contract. Nakul says credit goes to Sayuri as she got this contract. Rashmi feels jealous hearing. Sayuri thanks them and says credit goes to Nakul also as he handled all the tough tasks. Nakul describes how Sayuri handled business and tells Dhanraj that he took a right decision by involving Sayuri in their business. Kusum prasies Sayuri and clicks selfie with her. Rashmi feels more jealous seeing that. Saroj provokes her against Sayuri as usual and says Nakul did all the hard work and Sayuri took credit. She suggests her to snatch Nakul’s right from Sayuri like she snatched her family’s right from Balwant years ago.

Kanha prepares a speech if he wins the competition and gives credit of his win to his wife, mother, and whole family. He clicks his selfie and sends it to Sayuri. Sayuri pulls his legs and then wishes him best of luck.

Precap: Sayuri feels dizzy while video chatting with Kanha. Kanha gets concerned seeing that. Nakul asks Sayuri to inform him if he has any more tasks. Rashmi says she wants to go out with Nakul. Nakul says they will tomorrow as he has a lot of work and she also should help Sayuri. Rashmi says he can be Sayuri’s assistant, but she can’t.

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