Woh Toh Hai Albela 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Fails Rishi’s Plan

Woh Toh Hai Albela 22nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi seeks money from Dhanraj in lieu of starting a business and says he is doing it for Kusum’s better life and comfort after marriage. Sayuri hears their conversation and thinks his true intention is out. Dhanraj says he will inform him after consulting his family. Rishi fumes thinking old man is acting oversmart. Daadi Mausi interferes and asks Dhanraj to give him the money he has kept for Kusum as even Saroj would done same. Sayuri interferes and says Dhanraj should give money for Kusum’s comfort but in Kusum’s name, in fact Rishi should open business in Kusum’s name as she is their family’s laxmi and in fact he should transfer bunglow and cars also in Kusum’s name. Daadi Mausi says she is right as even her husband has opened a shop in her name and their business is flourishing well. She takes Dhanraj in to make wedding arrangements tomorrow.

Kusum gets mehandi applied on her hands. Bhanu and Indu discuss how Kusum dreamt of living abroad after marriage and her dream is coming true. Kusum hopes Kanha and Sayuri save her from marring Rishi. Kanha and Nakul try to meet a lady linked to Rishi and when she doesn’t open her house door, they barge in via and warn her to dare not try to escape. Kanha says Rishi is marrying his sister Kusum, he loves his sister a lot and wants to protect her from Rishi, so she should reveal truth. Lady says she knows Rishi and has Rishi and her multiple photos in her room, she will get them. She enters room and escapes from there silently.

Sayuri taunts Rishi and says she will not let him succeed in his plan and warns that Kanha and Nakul have gone to get evidence against him and wouldn’t spare him if they find him here. She asks him to leave before they come and walks in. Rishi picks a stone to hit at her, but stops seeing Rashmi around. He thinks he will punish both Sayuri and Kanha for acting oversmart once his marriage with Kusum is over.

Rishi points gun at Kusum and threatens to kill her brothers if they try to cancel their wedding, he will not harm her though as she is his blank cheque and he would encash her his whole life. He threatens to act as not believing her brothers if they bring evidence against him. Kusum pleads him to spare her brothers and agrees to maintain silence. Lady escapes from room fearing Rishi will kill her. Kanha catches her and asks her to reveal truth if her hide and seek game is over.

Precap: Lady reveals Kanha that she is Rishi’s college friend and wife. Kanha informs about it to Sayuri. Rishi tortures his wife and says Kusum belongs to him and whoever tries to interfere will die.

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