Woh Toh Hai Albela 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Saroj Opposes Sayuri’s Project

Woh Toh Hai Albela 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri asks Nakul to get some printouts for her as she wants show the designs and hire some women artists to paint art on marble tiles. Nakul says she orders and asks if there is the order for her. Rashmi gets jealous seeing that. Saroj brainwashes her that Sayuri has turned Nakul into her slave. Rashmi says Sayuri always dominated her and now dominated Nakul. She asks Nakul to take her out on a date. Saroj backs her. Nakul says he will take Rashmi out tomorrow as there is a lot of work pending and they need to submit marble sample to client tomorrow. He asks Rashmi also to help Sayuri. Rashmi says he may be Sayuri’s servant, but she is not.

Saroj supports Rashmi and says Sayuri is trying to interfere between newly engaged couple. Sayuri asks Nakul to take Sayuri out and not bother about the project. Rashmi and Saroj start humiliating Sayuri. Sayuri unable to bear their taunts asks Nakul to go with Rashmi. Nakul angrily agrees and asks Rashmi to follow her. Saroj gives money to Rashmi and asks to buy whatever she wants to. Rashmi seeing Nakul’s mood says she doesn’t to go when Nakul doesn’t want to. Nakul angrily walks away asking her to follow him. Saroj yells at Sayuri that she is trying to break Nakul and Rashmi’s relationship and curses her. Sayuri gives her a befitting reply and shuts her mouth. Saroj stands frowning.

Sayuri meets basti women and convinces them to work for her. She informs Dhanraj and Tej who like her idea and make a space in their lawn to accommodate women to work on the project. Sayuri and Dhanraj then talk about women empowerment and the difficulties faced by women. Saroj returns home with Rashmi and asks what is happening. Tej explains about Sayuri’s project. Saroj gets adamant that she will not let any stranger woman in her house. Sayuri tries to convince her. Saroj asks her to take all the women to her mother’s house and do whatever she wants to there. Dhanraj tongue lashes Saroj, but to no avail. Saroj continues her evil behavior.

Women walk in and praise Saroj for helping them always and Kanha for protecting their daughters and not letting any outsiders inside their colony. They ask Sayuri what shall they do first. Sayuri says they should have her prepared tea and then do painting on 50 marble pieces using a stencil sample by tomorrow. Dhanraj explains the protect further and asks them not to worry about money. They thank Sayuri for her support. Saroj burns in jealousy.

Precap: Sayuri leads women in her project. Kanha supports her. Saroj stops Kusum from preparing food for working women in her kitchen.

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