Woh Toh Hai Albela 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Saroj’s Evil Ploy

Woh Toh Hai Albela 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri rushes to kitchen to prepare tea for the ladies and seeks Kusum’s help. She feels nervous and asks if she can complete her contract. Kusum cheers her up and encourages her to stay focused. Sayuri hugs and thanks her and gets back to work. Saroj gets jealous seeing that. Nakul asks Dhanraj and Tej why they are standing outside instead of watching women painting marbles. Dhanraj and Tej describe how these women are still following an old pallu tradition and they should respect their emotions. They discuss how they should abolish old irrational traditions in an imicable way.

Nakul calls Kanha and informs about Rashmi insisting to take her out while he is busy helping Sayuri complete her project. Kanha describes how girls sacrifice their family house and adjust and how they feel happy with small gestures and support. He asks her to take Rashmi out and make her feel special. Rashmi brings tea for ladies in paper cups. Sayuri realizes Saroj must have stopped her. She tells workers that servant who washes utensils didn’t come today, so she is serving them tea in paper cups now. Kanha calls her to find out how she is doing. He interacts with women and make them feel normal. They ask when is he coming. He says he is on his way home and thanks them for coming at a short notice to help him and his wife complete their contract. Women assure him to complete the contract on time.

Sayuri walks aside and thanks him for managing the situation. He realizes that Saroj is troubling her asks Sayuri not to bother about Saroj and continue her good work. Sayuri feels ecstatic with his encouragement and returns to help women. A romantic song plays in the background. She imagines Kanha helping her. Bhanu and Indu record women working and help them. Sayuri feels shy getting out of her imagination and smiles seeing Nakul taking Rashmi out. At a market, Rashmi selects jewelry for her and seeks Nakul’s opinion. Nakul says nice for everything. She feels irked. He says he doesn’t know about women’s choice, so she should have taken Sayuri’s help. He promises to learn about her taste and help her in the future. Rashmi as usual feels jealous of Sayuri and thinks she has a geat weapon Saroj in her favor.

Saroj stops Kusum from preparing food for ladies and gets admant. Kusum tries to explain her that she is doing wrong with her evil acts, but Saroj doesn’t budge. Sayuri hears their conversation and prepares food at Indu and Bhanu’s house. Ladies feel hungry. Saroj walks to them and plays a victim card accusing Sayuri of controlling her house and not letting her help anyone. She continues badmouting about Sayuri.

Precap: Sayuri confronts Saroj that the more she tries to break her confidence, the more confident she will be; she will complete the order tomorrow at any cost. Kanha enters and hears their conversation.

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