Woh Toh Hai Albela 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kusum Reveals Rishi’s Atrocities Towards Her To Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 3rd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanha makes Rishi fall in dark as a retaliation for harming Nakul and Kusum. Rishi writhes in pain and calls for help. Kanha taunts him that he is already a fallen man. Kusum and servants help Rishi get up. Kanha thinks he would have kept quiet of Rishi had tried to harm him, but he tried to harm Nakul, Kusum, and Sayuri and he wouldn’t spare Rishi for that. Saroj with Rashmi return home and get concerned seeing Nakul’s condition. Nakul says he is fine. Daadi Mausi says Kanha and Sayuri were about to burn a cracker, but Nakul burnt it somehow and got burnt. Saroj gets worried for Sayuri and asks if she is fine. Sayuri says she is. Rashmi yells why Sayuri’s troubles fall on Nakul always. Kanha asks her to mind her tongue as even Sayuri would have been hurt. Rashmi says she would have been in loss if something had happened to Nakul. Saroj tells Rashmi that Nakul is this family’s son, Kanha’s brother, and Sayuri’s BIL before Rashmi’s fiance and nobody would try to harm him.

Sayuri says let us all go out and let Rashmi stay with Nakul and take care of him. They all walk away. Rashmi asks Nakul if she should prepare something for him. Nakul says she already fed him bitter words and doesn’t need anything. Rashmi walks away crying. Rishi writhes in pain and asks Kusum to apply hot compress to his back. He yells that everyone are busy taking care of Nakul and are least bothered about him. Rashmi asks him to stop abusing her family and reminds him that he tried to harm her siblings and Sayuri. Rishi gets angry and physically abuses her and threatens to punish her brothers and Sayuri more.

Sayuri notices Rashmi walk out of Nakul’s room crying and asks what is she doing here instead of taking care of Nakul. Rashmi says Nakul doesn’t want her to be near him and yells that Sayuri is snatching her and Nakul’s happiness and she should be taking care of Nakul instead, etc. Sayuri says she is not hesitant to take care of her BIL and brother and asks her to calm down. Kanha hears Rashmi’s bitter words and confronts her. Rashmi returns home and yells at Indu for giving Balwant’s kada to Kanha and spending too much on Kanha and Sayuri not bothering about her and Nakul’s wedding. Indu gets angry and warns her that she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Sayuri notices Kusum burning her hand on a temple lamp and stops her. She insists Kusum to tell what is bothering her and gives her unborn baby’s promise. Kusum reveals how cruel Rishi is and describes all his atrocities. Sayuri asks her to reveal everything to her brothers on Bhaidhooj festival day, her brothers as promised will protect her from Rishi and punish him. Rishi notices them talking and thinks they are up to something.

Precap: Sayuri reveals Rishi’s atrocities towards Kusum to Kanha. Kanha vents out his anger on a punching bag and tells Nakul that on Bhaidhooj, they will fulfill their responsibility as a brother.

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