Woh Toh Hai Albela 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Daadi Mausi’s Drama

Woh Toh Hai Albela 4th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri asks Kanha if he felt bad when Daadi Mausi spoke ill about his vlogging. Kanha says why should he for the person who doesn’t understand his vlogging, he is happy that there are people who love his vlogging and he gets smile on their faces. Sayuri says its amazing that 1 million people watched his vlog in a day and congratulates him. He gets romantic. Daadi Mausi informs Saroj that she has arranged a pooja tomorrow for Kanha and Sayuri’s baby. Kanha hears that and says she can find some other day as he is busy with a business meeting. Saroj says he can visit meeting and let Sayuri attend pooja. Kanha says Sayuri’s presence is more important than his presence, he got a call from Jindals who approved a 50 lakh contract because of Sayuri’s hard work. Tej and Dhanraj praise him and Sayuri. Daadi Mausi says she doesn’t understand why there is Sayuri’s interference in their business.

Sayuri notices Kusum getting Rishi’s call and asks her to pick it. Kusum nervously picks it and says she will call him later as she is busy. Sayuri gets suspicious. Kanha explains Daadi Mausi that Sayuri is his business partner with 50% share and hence she takes decisions about their business and their business is flourishing because of her. Daadi Mausi yells that DILs of this house are doing business and sons lazing around. She yells at Kanha to stop chanting Sayuri mantra and get into his senses before its too late. Kanha asks her not to bother about the business and leaves. He gets a message about his selecting in vlogging finale and thinks he should sort out Daadi Mausi’s issue first and then inform Sayuri about his selection.

Daadi Mausi throws tantrums and refuses to have food. Saroj pleads her to have food. Daadi Mausi says she is unable to control her children and saw how Kanha refused to attend pooja. Saroj asks her to not to feel bad about Kanha’s words as he is tensed regarding his business since a few days and suggests her to arrange pooja when Sayuri has off from college. Daadi Mausi gets more angry and says now she will handle the issue in her own way.

Indu informs Bhanu about Daadi Mausi creating issues at Choudhary house and posing problems for Sayuri. Bhanu says a woman has to face all these problems, so Indu shouldn’t worry much. Rashmi walks to them and says she is going to meet Daadi Mausi. Indu and Bhanu suggests her not to go as Saroj didn’t call her, they don’t want Daadi Mausi to taunt Rashmi and Rashmi feel bad about it. Rashmi says they are hurting her instead showing her fake concern and walks away fuming. Indu and Bhanu get worried for her.

Rashmi visits Chaudhry’s calling Nakul. Daadi Mausi asks who is she and asks if she is Sayuri’s sister. Rashmi says yes, she is also Nakul’s fiance and drawing pallu over her head touches Daadi Mausi’s feet. Daadi mausi says at least she knows customs and then tongue lashes her for barging into her in-laws’ house often before marriage. Saroj passes by. Rashmi thinks Saroj will support her. Saroj asks Rashmi to return home. Daadi Mausi orders Rashmi to get 21 cow dung cakes for Sayuri and Kanha’s baby’s pooja. Saroj asks her to get them as she is both mausi and chachi of the baby. Rashmi feels jealous of Sayuri and thinks Sayuri is ruining her life.

Sayuri and Kanha wait for Kusum after college house. Kanha calls Kusum. Rishi picks call and says he is taking Kusum on a coffee date and doesn’t like disturbance again. Sayuri gets suspicious of Rishi. Kanha sends Rishi’s photo and biodata to his friend and asks him to find out details bout Rishi and his family. They both reach home and look shocked seeing something.

Precap: Sayuri and Kanha perform pooja and pray god to send their baby in the world with lots of happiness. Nakul notices Rashmi working in kitchen and takes her away. Rashmi leaves the gas on. Sayuri enters and tries to light the stove.

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