Woh Toh Hai Albela 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Exposes Rishi’s Crimes

Woh Toh Hai Albela 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Daadi Mausi calls Kanha and Sayuri to participate in bhai dhooj ritual. They both walk down. Sayuri performs Nakul’s pooja. Kusum them performs Kanha and Nakul’s poojja. Kanha says they will give a special gift to Kusum this time. Rishi thinks they are repenting for gifting fake jewelry to Kusum and wants to give something special, he needs huge money at any cost today to repay Parveen bhai’s loan. Nakul says shall finish their usual ritual first. Kanha says every year they feed food to Kusum first.

Kanha makes Kusum sit and says they will feed food to Kusum and even jijaji/BIL. Kanha and Nakul feed Kusum gently and stuff food in Rishi’s mouth. Nakul recalls mixing spices in Rishi’s food to teach him a lesson. Rishi starts coughing. Sayuri offers him juice and recalls mixing alcohol in it to let Rishi accept all his crimes in front of family. Rishi finishes juice and senses alcohol in it. He starts acting as inebriated and praises Kusum instead of badmouthing about her. He thinks Kanha doesn’t now that a few drops of alcohol doesn’t affect him and he needs a full bottle to get inebriated.

Kanha realizes that Rishi understood his plan. He walks to Saroj and requests her to not stop him from whatever he is doing, gives his promise, and says she will see his dead face if she tries to stop him. Saroj stands confused. Kanha gives Rishi a tight slap. Rishi asks if he will beat his jijaji. Kanha says at last he stopped his bad acting and asks him to describes his atrocities towards Kusum and accept his crime or see he will kill him. He brutally trashes Rishi until he accepts all his crimes and his intention to marrying Kusum to grab money from Kusum’s family. He then gets Rishi arrested.

Daadi mausi cries that she misunderstood Rishi and her family and put Kusum’s life at risk. Saroj repents for her mistake and apologizes Kusum for ruining her life. Kusum asks her not to apologize as she was just worried for her. Devraj also feels guilty.
Kanha asks him not to feel guilty as its not his mistake. Kanha, Nakul, and Sayuri describe how they take wrong decision unknowingly and let their daughters suffer. They talk about how to boast daughter’s confidence and make her self-dependent, etc.. Kanha and Nakul then hug Kusum.

Precap: Kanha asks inspector to give rigorous punishment to Rishi for torturing Kusum. Rishi thinks he will punish them now.
Sayuri finds no power only at their house and walks out to check.

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