Woh Toh Hai Albela 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Suspects Rishi’s Behavior

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Kanha and Sayuri return home. Daadi Mausi insistgs them to freshen up soon and attend pooja. Kanha says they are just back home and are tired. Sayuri agrees to freshen up in 5 minutes and join family for pooja. Daadi Mausi asks about Rashmi. Kanha says she is with Rishi. Daadi Mausi scolds Saroj for letting Kusum meet her fiancee before marriage and warns her to learn to control her children. Sayuri comforts Kanha and gets him down for pooja. Indu and Bhanu join Chaudhry’s for pooja. Sayuri asks about Rashmi. Daadi Mausi says she is doing some work for pooja. Kanha and Sayuri perform pooja. Rashmi after finishing preparing cow dung cakes joins family for pooja. Daadi Mausi scolds her to go and take a bathe first and bring fruits from a fruit vendor for prasad. Rashmi leaves disheartened and feels more jealous seeing Kanha and Sayuri performing pooja.

After pooja, Sayuri and Kanha question about Rashmi. Saroj says she is doing some work for her sister. Sayuri serves prasad. Rishi enters with Kusum and seeks prasad from Sayuri. He then touches Daadi Mausi and other elders’ feet. Daadi Mausi praises his sanskars. Kanha and Sayuri notice Kusum’s nervousness and Rishi’s expression and get suspicious on him. Kahna follows Rishi and notices him rudely speaking to someone over phone sitting in his car. He further notices Kusum over phone and realizes Rishi was speaking to her. He questions Kusum if Rishi was speaking rudely to her. Kusum nervously denies. Family gathers.

Daadi Mausi says girls feel usually nervous before marriage and Kusum’s behavior is normal. Saroj backs her. Kanha notices Kusum’s bruised hand and asks if Rishi hurt her. Kusum angrily shouts at him to stop cooking up stories and says Rishi is a gentleman and didn’t hurt her. Kanha gets more suspicious of Rishi and opposing Kusm’s marriage. He calls his friend and asks him to find out Rishi and his family’s details as soon as possible or else he will ask someone to do that. Sayuri hugs Kanha and calms him down. She says she knows his concern for his sister and they should use a different diplomatic approach to expose Rishi instead of reacting.

Rashmi returns after changing her cloths. Daadi Mausi orders her to prepare halwa. Rashmi says she doesn’t know to prepare it. Daadi Mausi says then only she should prepare it and sends her to kitchen. Kanha and Sayuri notice her and ask where was she during pooja. Rashmi asks her not to bother about her as everyone don’t have a faith like Sayuri. Sayuri feels aback hearing that, follows her to kitchen, and insists to help her. Rashmi rudely asks her to go or else everyone will blame her if something happens to Sayuri. Daadi Mausi calls Sayuri, and she walks away.

Nakul enters kitchen and asks Rashmi why she looks so angry. Rashki says she needs some recognition and appreciation for her work, he should learn from Kanha who doesn’t leave a chance to appreciates his wife. Nakul apologizes and says he will learn it. He forcefully takes her out to have chat saying someone else will take care of kitchen. Rashmi leaves gas on. Sayuri caries chandan bowl admiring its smell. She notices Rashmi leaving the work midway and ties to light gas to cook halwa, without sensing gas smell due to strong chandan smell. Luckily, lighter and match box don’t light. Kanha walks to kitchen to check on her and smelling gas stops Sayuri and gets her out of kitchen. He hugs her and thanks god for protecting Sayuri from a big accident. He asks where did Rashmi go leaving the gas on and continues to thank god.

Saroj slaps Rashmi for her careless behavior.
Rashmi runs to her house crying. Nakul, Kanha, Sayuri, and Indu try to cheer up Rashmi.
Rashmi pushes Sayuri away, leaving everyone in shock.

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