Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rashmi Spills Venom Against Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nakul scolds Rashmi for pushing Sayuri away. Rashmi says Sayuri manipulated Saroj to slap her and now came acting as consoling her. Kanha warns her to control herself. Rashmi says Sayuri is controlling everyone and accuses Sayuri that since Sayuri has become pregnant, everyone is running behind her. Nakul asks her to stop now. Rashmi says he is Sayuri’s puppet, but she can’t as she is tired seeing everyone chanting Sayuri’s mantra. Indu feels disheartend seeing her daughter hating her another daughter. Kanha says he didn’t know Rashmi hates Sayuri so much.

Saroj shows engagement ring designs to Kusum and asks her to select one for Rishi. She touches Kusum’s sprained wrist by mistake and asks if she should get a medicine. Kusum says she is fine. Saroj says she is very happy with Kusum and Rishi’s alliance as Rishi is too good, she heard Rishi discussing with his father to help their business after marriage. Kusum shivers recaling Rishi’s physical and verbal abuse.

Nakul feels upset at Rashmi’s behavior and tries to remove his engagement ring. Kanha and Sayuri comfort him and say that Rashmi expresses her frustration out and its normal, he should think practically and support Rashmi and try to clear her misunderstanding towards Sayuri. Nakul calms down. Kanha senses Sayuri’s concern for Rashmi and shows her situation via a drone. Sayuri relaxes seeing Rashmi calmly studying in her room. Kanha gets his friend’s call who informs that there is no employee named Rishi in the company he mentioned. He thanks his friend and asks him to get more information about Rishi. He tells Sayuri that he will inform Saroj about it. Sayuri stops him and says they should handle this issue senstively and should gather evidence against Rishi first. He agrees. She remembers that she has a concall with her college vice principal and goes to attend it.

Kusum waters plants and thinks if he would be able to get out of the problem she invited on herself. She gets Rishi’s call and gets tense.d Yash Jindal reaches Chaudhry house and walks towards door to meet Krishna when Kusum sprays water on him by mistake. He asks if Chaudhry’s welcome their guests this way. Kusum says he should have been careful. Their nok jhok starts. She slips. He holds her hand. Saroj with Kusum walks out and notices them. She asks Yash who is he. He introduces himself and says he came to meet Kanha. Saroj takes him in and informs Kanha. Kanha asks if they met before. Yash introduces himself. Kanha is surprised to see Yash at his house. Yash says he saw Kanha’s sent designs and couldn’t wait to meet him. Kanha welcomes him in. Daadi Mausi feels good seeing Kanha conversing in English. Saroj also feels good seeing Kanha and Yash’s interaction.

Indu and Bhanu confront Rashmi for insulting Sayuri, Nakul, and Kanha. Rashmi remains unperturbed. Indu reveals how Nakul wanted to break engagement and how Sayuri convinced him and calmed him down. She asks her to go and apologize Sayuri, Nakul, and Kanha. Rashmi fumes that Sayuri again interfered in her life.

Precap: Yash turns out to be Sayuri’s childhood friend. Daadi Mausi and Saroj get angry seeing their casual interaction. Rishi physically abuses Kusum. Kanha notices that.

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