Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Faces An Attack

Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rashmi meets Nakul and offers him custard. Nakul says its good and asks her reason to meet him at this time. Rashmi says he was right regarding Rishi and she didn’t realize Rishi’s intentions and overeacted on Nakul. Nakul says its okay. She asks why don’t he talk to her properly then. Nakul says she is not into her senses these days and misbehaving with Sayuri, Kanha, Indu and others. He continues to explain how she has changed after their engagement and became overpossessive and overegositic and says they should give their relationship a break for sometime. He walks away. Rashmi stands crying and recalls Indu’s words to cancel wedding if Rashmi’s overegostic and arrogant behavior continues.

Saroj feels guilty for risking Kusum’s life and tells Dhanraj that already people were not ready to marry Kusum, now after getting a divorcee tag, people would hesitate more to bring an alliance for her. Dhanraj comforts her and says he will prepare tea for her. Saroj says he prepares bad tea, so she will. He laughs.

Nakul returns home. Kanha notices him sad and asks reason. Nakul describes how Rashmi is behaving and his reason to have a break from relationship for some time. Kanha comforts him. Nakul asks about Sayuri Kanha says she has gone to meet her friend. Sayuri heads towards home. Street lights go off. She notices someone following her and gets tensed. Power comes and she finds Kanha in front of her. She informs that someone was following her. He jokes and takes her home.

Rashmi panics recalling Nakul and Indu’s words and blames Sayuri for troubles in her life. Rishi’s aide who followed Sayuri calls him and informs that he followed Sayuri as ordered, but Sayuri’s husband reached her. Rashi orders to frighten her 2-3 times more and determines to punish Chaudhrys for sending him in jail. Aide enters Chaudhry house and peeps into Sayuri’s room v is window. Sayuri notices him and gets afraid. Kanha checks and says it was just her imagination. Sayuri says he is right, she is afraid after all the recent incidents. Kanha comforts her and feeds her ice cream. Their romance continues. Next morning, Sayuri notices someone outside again and asks servant to check. Servant says there is no one around. Rishi’s aide peeps from the gate.

Precap: Rishi’s aide shows a balloon to Rashmi with a note that whole Chaudhry family would be destroyed. Kanha meets Rishi in jail who threatens Kanha that divorce hasn’t yet happened.

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