Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha’s Memory Is Back After An Accident

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

A speeding truck strikes Rudra’s speeding car and drives away. Rudra and Preesha fly out of the car due to the impact and fall down on the ground striking their head to the stones and getting severely injured. Preesha’s memory returns ue to the impact on her head. She opens her eyes, but collapses again. Armaan reaches there followed by villagers and tries to take Preesha from there. Rudra regains consciousness and stops Armaan. Armaan says Preesha will die if they don’t rush her to the hospital. Rudra agrees and rushes Preesha to hospital with Armaan. Doctor nurses even Rudra’s head injury. Rudra calls Sharda and informs her about the accident and Preesha’s condition. Sharda with Saransh and Roohi reaches hospital after informing Pihu about the accident.

At hospital, doctor informs Rudra that Preesha’s condition is critical after heavy blood loss. Sharda notices a durga pandal nearby and suggests Rudra to pray god to return his Preesha to him. Rudra visits pendal and requests Panditji if he can perform aarti as its a question of someone’s life. Panditji agees saying it must be god’s wish. He performs aarti praying for Preesha’s life. His children join him and pray for their mother. Rudra prays god to return Preesha to her family as they need her the most.

Preesha gets conscious and asks nurse about her family, Rudra and children. She says she wants to inform them that her memory is back and she can’t live without them. Nurse says she will call her husband Armaan Thakur. Preesha says Rudra is her husband and not Armaan, she should call Rudra instead. Nurse walks out and informs Armaan what Preesha said. Armaan fears that Preesha’s memory is back and hence she

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