Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Manjiri comes out of coma

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying don’t take mum to Mumbai. Abhi says I know, she is your mum also, I have taken this decision, let me do this. Neil says I won’t lie, I m not okay with this. Abhi says I know, I m not asking you to become okay, let me do this, sorry. Neil says don’t be sorry, do what you find right, but remember I m not okay, what you are doing won’t okay anything. Abhi goes. Akhilesh asks who made this sketch. Kairav says I have made this, we have to burn our own evil on Dusshera. Dadi says it’s a good start to the day, we should do this every week. They all write their bad feelings to get rid of, and burn the sketches. Akshu gets sad. Abhi says best of luck to you all and me, its our new start, I will get mum from hospital and leave. Mahima says sure. Anand says good luck. Nishta hugs Abhi and asks why are you going. He says I m going far, not out of touch, you keep calling me, we will talk everything except studies, don’t worry. He asks Neil to remember the free advice. He says I give two choices to Shivansh when I m confused, I m not confused now. Anand blesses him. He says we will go to hospital. Harsh says its my right to say, you aren’t doing right by taking Manjiri to Mumbai. They see Kairav at the door.

Akshu is with Manjiri. She says I feel tensed, don’t know what will happen today. Mahima asks how dare you come here. Kairav says I m ready to bear any punishment that Abhi wants to give me, don’t end the relation with Akshu, don’t leave this city, Akshu and your relation, I m responsible for this, you and Akshu had your own reasons, forget it, if you both get separated, then I can’t forgive myself, you both can’t stay happy, please agree. He says you all blamed me, today I m standing here to get a clean chit for Akshu, she always fights for right, I know your relation is true and right. Abhi says you keep patience, you will get punished for your mistake, Akshu and my relation has problems, not because of Anisha and you, I don’t have faith on Akshu now, go home and wait for the punishment, I m going where I want to. He leaves.

Akshu says we make a new start on Dusshera, I need your love therapy, I wish you get fine by my music therapy. Abhi comes there. Akshu sings O maa…. Abhi comes inside the ward. Akshu hides. Harsh looks on. Abhi takes Manjiri. Akshu prays and says please get up Maa. Manjiri gets conscious and says Akshu….

Abhi says you got conscious, Maa, I m here. Harsh says Manjiri… Manjiri takes Akshu’s name. Abhi says I m here, she isn’t here. Akshu holds Manjiri’s hand and smiles. Everyone looks on. Abhi and Akshu ask Manjiri to get up, and not sleep for long. Manjiri asks is everything fine, tell me Abhi. Abhi asks her to breathe well. Harsh says say something. Abhi checks Manjiri. Harsh says tell her something good, she got conscious after a long time. Abhi and Akshu say everything is fine between us. Manjiri smiles. Anand says we will start the basic medication. Mahima asks Rohan to take Manjiri inside. Akshu sees Abhi. She goes out. She says thanks, everything is fine, sorry, we lied to you, everything is not fine, get fine Maa, then you will understand this. Harsh says Abhi, get Akshu to Birla house again. Abhi says you are saying wrong. Harsh says truth is, Akshu’s music therapy also helped Manjiri like your medicines did. Abhi recalls Akshu. He says it means she has come here for mum’s music therapy session. Harsh says I requested her, we were taking care of Manjiri, but we neglected few things, we didn’t notice Manjiri’s dry skin, Akshu noticed this, we didn’t notice that Manjiri’s hair weren’t combed, Akshu noticed this and did it, she can give love to Manjiri, she will regard Manjiri her mum and take care of her, there would be some reason that Manjiri took her name first. Abhi says mum’s happiness is in my happiness, when mum knows about divorce, she will get more upset. Harsh says you tell her then, you won’t tell her because you know what’s right for her, you are her doctor and also her son, you know what she needs the most right now. He goes. Abhi recalls Akshu.

Abhi says come home for few days, when Manjiri gets better, I will tell her. Akshu looks at him. He thinks if Akshu will come or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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