Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kairav and Manish get arrested

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi saying Kairav made a fake passport and visa and fled to Mauritius, then he came back to hide, he is a criminal, he has been running away till now, he has killed my sister, so he will get arrested today. Akshu asks him to shut up. He says no, I won’t stop. Mere Mehboob plays… He says no one can stop me today. She asks why did you do this. Kairav holds his chest and gets scared. Abhi shouts to call the inspector. Police comes. Abhi leaves on his bike. Akshu shouts Abhimanyu…..

Inspector says let the police do their work. She says Kairav is innocent, you can’t put him in jail. Kairav says they will catch me again. He runs. Suwarna asks him not to run. Inspector catches Kairav. Manish asks him not to touch Kairav. Dadi says Kairav didn’t do anything. Inspector says court will decide, charges are put on you also, you have hidden a criminal and murderer from the police. He asks constable to arrest Manish also. Akhilesh says we will talk, wait. Akshu looks on shocked. Abhi comes home. He lies in Mahima’s lap. He says I fulfilled the promise to you, I gave the gift you wanted on Anisha’s birthday, Anisha got justice, happy birthday. Anand cries. Akshu says this is wrong. Vansh asks the lawyer to get bail for Kairav and Manish. Akshu leaves. Abhi says I have to go to mum. Anand says we will also come. Akshu comes there and shouts Abhimanyu….

She asks what did you do, how dare you, what happened to you, you could have talked to me, I made the proof reach you. He asks what proof. She says I had come home, you were not there, you should have called me once and asked me why I didn’t come, if you didn’t have trust, then why did you take this big step, why did you give me 24 hours. Mahima says right, Abhi should have done this before. Akshu says I just came to talk to him. Mahima scolds her. Akshu says try to understand, why would I call Kairav downstairs if I had to hide him. Mahima says it was your overconfidence. Anand asks Akshu to show the proof. Akshu says I left the proof… Mahima presses the car horn and asks them to come. They all leave in the car. Akshu shouts on Abhi. Abhi is on the way. He asks Parth to stop the car. He asks Mahima to go to hospital, he will come. She thinks is he going to Akshu again. Abhi comes home. He checks his room. He says where is the proof. He gets angry and goes. Parth asks was it right, whatever you did with the proof. Mahima recalls entering Abhi’s room and seeing the note. She checks the video in her phone. Parth comes and asks what’s this, it shows clearly that Kairav is innocent, he didn’t push Anisha, I will call Abhi. Mahima says he didn’t push Anisha, but he is responsible for this, I lost Anisha, I feel loneliness in my heart, I will never forgive him. He says I also won’t forgive him, but its not right that Abhi and Akshu are getting away. She says believe me, its better if she stays away, no evidence can end my pain, so I will end all the proof, I will keep these proofs, we didn’t get any proof, okay. FB ends. Parth asks Mahima to think again. She says I have thought a lot, not more. Akshu comes home. Dadi and Vansh ask about the proof. Dadi says if we give the proof to police, everything will get fine, right. Aarohi asks why did Abhi do this, where is the evidence, show them. Akshu says I kept it in Abhi’s room, time was less, so I forgot to make a copy. Suwarna asks where is it. Akshu says I kept it there, now I have nothing. Aarohi scolds her.

She says its your fault, I lost my mum because of your casual attitude. Akshu says Aarohi, not now. Aarohi says Kairav and Manish got arrested, what now. Abhi cries and talks to Manjiri. He says I don’t know what’s happening, I miss you, I don’t know what to do. He gets messages. He checks the video. Anand says finally, Anisha got justice after one year. Harsh says yes, she will get peace. Neil thinks problems will get more, nothing will get fine between the families. Harsh says please stop taking drugs in coffee mug. Anand says my sorrow won’t get less. Harsh says promise me, you will try to stop it. Anand jokes. Harsh says its not right for you. Anand says I will try, but its not easy, I have lost a daughter. Abhi comes and says Manish is also arrested. Harsh says we have seen it on news. Abhi says its not his mistake. Neil says yes, why should he suffer. Mahima says they all should have got arrested, they did mistake, they will be punished. Harsh says let them handle it. Anand says nothing right should happen with them. Abhi goes.
Abhi sees Manish and his pic. Akshu sees the same pic and cries. She says why did you do this, Abhi. He says sometimes we think something and something else happens. She says its not Kairav and Manish’s mistake, I got the proof to you. He says I trusted you, but I didn’t get any proof. She says you were not like this before. He says I have changed. She says Kairav and Manish are not at fault. He says I know that this should have not happened with Manish.

Akshu meets Manjiri and sings Piya tose… Abhi comes. He asks her to leave. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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