Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu signs the divorce papers

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu signing the divorce papers. Suwarna and Dadi ask her to stop. Abhi checks the papers. He says I was right, if its so easy for you to break this relation, then its okay to break it. She returns the mangalsutra to him. They recall their marriage and the best moments. She says thank you for coming in my life, to make me feel what’s love, thanks. She walks away. Abhi cries. Manish says thanks for accepting my request. Kairav says its my mistake. He cries in guilt. Manish says no, I asked her to follow her heart, her heart has given her the answer. Neil says Akshu should have not done this, they love each other. Kairav says everyone has issues between them, but love doesn’t get less. Manish says we will support Akshu, its our duty. Harsh says a dad also gives his pain to his children, whatever happened with my marriage, same thing is happening with Abhi.

Neil says you can feel his pain, convince him. Harsh says I can’t explain him about marriage and relations, I was a bad husband, sorry, I can’t help in this matter. He cries. Manish says hope that she gets the happiness which she deserves. Harsh says I can just pray that the destination of this new journey is the one which is right for Abhi. Abhi lies on the floor, just like Akshu, thinking of poetic lines. Harsh says if a regret stays in heart, then it becomes a trauma, Abhi has to cry or shout. Dadi says she should cry and burst out the emotions. Suwarna says one should let the tears flow out. Ek to sajan mere….plays… Abhi and Akshu go and get under the shower. Akshu feels cold. She says I feel cold. Dadi and Suwarna look at her. Abhi lies on the bed with drenched clothes. Akshu goes to change her clothes. She gets Abhi’s shirt. She says I had taken you along when I went from here last year. Servant says a parcel has come from Akshu’s house. Abhi checks and gets the shirt. He reads her note. She writes… when you aren’t with me, I don’t know what to do of this, so I m returning this. He tears the shirt. He packs Akshu’s clothes in the bags. He gets the bracelet charm and says it always comes to me. Shefali says Abhi didn’t have anything since 2 days. Mahima says Akshu has sent more tension for him. Harsh says we have to do something. He sees Abhi leaving and asks where are you going. Akshu turns and looks at the door. She sees Abhi coming. He says you didn’t have much to return, I have it, I m returning everything, I packed everything from my room, I m returning this symbol of our relation. He returns the charm. He leaves.

Abhi comes home and talks on call. Nishta plays guitar. Abhi recalls Akshu. He stops Nishta and takes the guitar away. Neil looks on. Akshu sees her clothes and recalls the moments. Aarohi asks her not to see, else she will remember everything. Akshu says she is right, I have to talk to lawyer about Manish and Kairav’s case. Servant gets the guitar with a note. Akshu reads Abhi’s note.. I m sending the guitar by the staff, your music has no place in my house and heart. She tears the note. Dadi says this isn’t happening good. Abhi sits working. Neil gets the guitar and the note back. Abhi reads… you broke the heart, you should have not broken the guitar, what can I expect from you, you just know to break. He checks the guitar and goes out to break the guitar. He stops himself. A flower falls over her head. She thinks to apply some hair oil. She gets Abhi’s call. She asks who is it. She sees Abhi’s name on the phone. He says you returned the shirt. She says you have returned the charm and broken guitar. They both argue. They ask them to return their love. They both shout and throw their phones away. They sit crying.

Akshu and Abhi are drunk. She comes to Birla house to meet him. He goes to Goenka house to meet her. They both act silly and faint down at their respective house entrances.

Update Credit to: Amena

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