Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Abhi’s weird act

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu and Abhi eating much sweets. The family members worry. Harsh says stop him Neil. Mahima says it will be sugar rush, what is he doing. Suwarna says her health will get bad this way. Neil asks Abhi to stop. Akshu starts laughing. Akhilesh asks why is she laughing. Aarohi says its sugar rush, why does she do such stupid things. Vansh says everyone does. Dadi says stop her now, else she will fall ill. Suwarna says its not easy to get separated, you can share the pain and get it out, you have to talk. Akshu asks what shall I talk. Neil asks Abhi to speak out. Abhi says there is nothing. Akshu says there is nothing to talk.

Akshu comes to Abhi’s house and shouts, Abhi, come out, I have come, I have notes written on my hand, I had no time to make a presentation, come out. Abhi comes to Goenka house and asks Akshu to come out. He says I topped in everything, and today…. we got the best couple award, for failed marriage and relation, the credit goes to Akshu, thanks.

They behave strangely like intoxicated. They vent out their anger, and ask each other to come out. He asks are you scared, come out. She says I m not scared, you come out. He sings Tenu leke… She sings Aaoge jab tum…. He asks her to come out. She asks him to come out of the house. They both fall asleep on the stairs. Its morning, Akshu wakes up and looks around. Abhi wakes up and looks around. He says I m outside Akshu’s house. She says what am I doing here outside Abhi’s house, did the brownie’s package get exchanged, what was there in it. Abhi says chocolates, am I mad, if anyone sees me here, then it will be bad, if she sees me. Akshu says he will think I came to meet him. He says she will think I came to meet her and can’t live without her, we will go either way. Akshu leaves. Vansh and Dadi look for Akshu. They see Akshu working. Dadi asks are you fine. She says its okay, I have prepared the documents for Manish and Kairav’s bail plea. Dadi says you both prepare the file, I will light the diya. Neil asks where did you go. Abhi says we will focus on the hospital case. Mahima says fine, we know you were not at home. He says this day is imp for us.

Abhi and Akshu think of fixing the spoilt thing. Akshu asks Suwarna and Dadi why are you crying. Suwarna says Manish wanted to celebrate Navratri well with Kairav and you, but… Dadi says our family doesn’t stay together, someone goes away or leaves us forever. Akshu does tilak to them and gets positive. Abhi is with his family. Aarohi talks to her BF and says I m missing you, I fell down in the morning, I m feeling hurt, you don’t care, fine, I will manage. She gets a call back. She applies nail paint to her toes, and says this trick always work, I won’t take the call now. Akshu recalls Abhi’s words. Abhi recalls the incident. They both stop their cars at the same signal. They read a best wishes hoarding.

Akhilesh gets Neil home. Akshu asks how did you come here. Abhi calls Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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